Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why Carrying Your Children Won't Spoil Them

Why Carrying Your Children Won't Spoil Them
When your child is born, they need a constant reminder that you are there to protect them. From his or her point of view, everything is a new experience. It could be a frightening time if the baby doesn't have the shelter and protection of a parent or familiar face. Carrying your child around when he or she needs you the most is in no way spoiling them. It is a reassurance that you are there for them regardless of circumstance.

1. At Night - During the night, many parents are called into action in order to care for their babies. Whether the child had a nightmare or is otherwise uncomfortable, carrying your child around in this fashion is not a spoiling behavior. To the baby, the only form of communication available is through crying. Contrary to the belief of some parents, babies do not simply cry "for no reason." There is always a reason and it's your job to figure out what the problem is.

2. During the Day - During the day, there are a lot of stimulating situations going on all at once. As many of these are new, it's only logical that the child could need the protective presence of his or her parent. The child needs to know that you are there. These are all new experiences that are happening in rapid succession. Before the child can adapt to one, another may be presented. It can be overwhelming even to most adults. Many of us work in an area where we need to learn how to multitask otherwise become buried in a landfill of work. Imagine that fast-paced work environment from a baby's point of view filled with tasks you've never considered before.

3. Bonding - Keeping your child close to you as often as you can only strengthens the bond between yourself and the little one. From an early age, he or she will begin to realize that you will always be there to protect and guide them. Throughout their childhood, this bond will be ever present as children may be more inclined to share their experiences with you. As long as you keep providing that sense of comfort, your child will be more inclined to bring the pressures of the teenage years to you in order to help them figure out their own path.

4. Differences in Ideas - Carrying your child when he or she needs you shouldn't be classified as spoiling. Giving in to their demands as they throw a fit in the middle of a store because you won't buy his or her favorite candy bar should be. Carrying your child because he or she may be scared of the situation isn't a spoiling behavior. However, adhering to your child's every request regardless of logic is. In reality, there is very little you can do to spoil a baby as their behaviors and needs can easily be met. It is the toddler years when they begin developing their own personalities that you need to center yourself for.

A child needs constant affirmation from the parent. Eventually, this regular need will begin to subside as they begin figuring out their own paths. Until then, he or she needs to know that you are there to protect them and guide them through the various new experiences they will be faced with. Don't look at carrying your child around so much as spoiling them, but realize they need that personal interaction in order to feel safe.
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Danielle Royalegacy said...

When I had my six children in the 80s and 90s, we were told that we were spoiling our kids when we went to see what was wrong with them if they cried at any time of the day or night, holding them when they needed the attention, carrying them around, etc. My father's wife told me that all I need to do is let the baby cry all night long just one night, and I would get a good night's sleep from then on. I told this b...woman that I could never do that. We always "spoiled" our children by seeing to their needs not by throwing high tech presents and money at them.

Sweta said...

True and I do this for my son even now since he is big and tall but cuddling ,carrying still means a lot of love,care and most comfortable to him from everyone .