Friday, August 23, 2013

Tomorrow City Book Review

I have a great new drama book for you to read called Tomorrow City written by Kirk K. Jeldsen. It is an awesome short story that will delight you and keep you on the edge of your seat. I was able to read this great little book in one and a half days.
After an armored car robbery goes horribly wrong and leaves four people dead, young ex-con Brendan Lavin flees New York City and attempts to start over again in Shanghai. But twelve years later, after opening a bakery under an assumed name and starting a family with a local woman, his former colleagues show up and force Brendan to assist in another armed robbery, of a wealthy diamond merchant. If he doesn't cooperate, they'll expose him and kill his family.  
Will Brendan help them pull it off and keep his new life intact? Or will his past bring him down, destroying everything else along with it? Tomorrow City is a riveting, literary crime novel that explores the theme of reinvention in Shanghai, the city that's reinvented itself more than any other in the world over the past generation.
Man, I really felt bad for poor Brendan. He did his time for this gang of thugs and never ratted them out to reduce his sentence and he gets out and tries to make a go of his bakery in New York and these guys snag him back in when he has no money to pay his suppliers for the things he needs to make his pastries and breads. He has a girlfriend also.

He loses it all when the idiots he is with can't even pull off a simple job and they end up killing 3 guys for only $117,000 and they thought they were getting somewhere around a million! You have really got to be kidding when it's that amount and you kill three people over it? Plus they lose one of their own, Tommy, who is a friend of Brendan's and a cousin to his girlfriend.

Well, as things go, he knows he needs to leave because they are going to connect it sooner or later with Tommy being dead (his girlfriend's family, not the cops) Why not the cops? Well, because bright eyed big deal leader Dulcie shoots him in the face to ruin it and shoots both hands all to bits so there will be no fingerprints!

So, here Brendan goes and leaves the United States for China and sets up a bakery there under an assumed name. But, wouldn't you know it, eight years later, here they come again with another dumb idea and in a foreign country to boot! You know that's disaster waiting to happen.

This book will keep you on the edge all the way through which is way I had to finish it and did in one and a half days! If you love drama and action, this book will delight you!

Happy Reading!

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We will be giving the actual book (my copy) if you live in the United States and an ebook version (from the author/publisher) if you live Internationally. Good Luck Everyone!