Monday, August 19, 2013

The Princess of Greektown Book Review

I have to tell you that I love Suzanne Jenkins and the way she writes! I read her first Greektown book and this is my second one and it just keeps getting better! Only she did reel me in though, because I didn't know there was going to be a third book until the very last paragraph! But, you will love this series about a good cop named Jill Zannos and her wacky Greek family. This second book is called The Princess of Greektown and is written by Suzanne Jenkins.
Thirty years ago, Terry Smith was Detroit’s top news anchor. She set the standard for excellence in investigative journalism, staying at the news desk long after her time should have been over. Just as Terry’s son-in-law is murdered in the city, Detective Jill Zannos faces upheaval in her own life. A new man, family intrigue and the dregs of the last case she investigated becomes the lowest priority as she and her partner Albert untangle the mess of Terry Smith and her family.  
Jill’s father, Gus is ready to begin living again, no longer smothered by secrets. His sister, Sophie makes a life changing decision and the family is powerless to help her. Peter’s wife, Joan hurries to make restitution for mistakes from the past. The rest of the family deal with the aftermath of choices they made as everyone returns to Greektown to celebrate Thanksgiving. Jill makes a chilling discovery soon after.  
The Princess of Greektown is the story of an American family coming to terms with the legacy their ancestors left behind while dealing with their own complex lives.
Oh, what a complicated life Jill Zannos has! She is an awesome homicide detective in Detroit who also has ESP, which she does not let too many people know except her partner and her boss. Of course, some of the Greeks have their suspicions but she is not telling.

This is one mess of a murder and it is very complicated with so many suspects but with a little bit of her ESP and her partner's leg work, it finally all does come together. There are drugs involved, adultery and a mother who is a crack head and her mother who is less than what people believe her to be. Wow, and her husband has a lot going on, more than anyone knows until Jill and Albert start digging and man, can they dig!

But what I like about the Greektown stories, is Jill and her family's stories. Suzanne has really two stories going on in her books. She is telling us about Jill's cases while telling each individual person's private story in the family. And boy, does Jill have a lot of family! There are four uncles and two aunts along with her father, which makes a total of seven adults in the family, not including her cousins and nieces and nephews.

There is a family tragedy that I sort of felt like something was going to happen to one of the adult's but it still caught me by surprise and it sure did shake the family up. They had thought one of the brother's was going to die from a heart attack but little did they know it was a prequel to what was coming down the road.

So, you can see that this is a rich environment with the possibility of a lot of stories including the homicides that Jill investigates along with her partner, Albert Wong. You are going to love this series of stories about the Greeks!

Happy Reading!

About the Author:

Suzanne Jenkins lives in the west Michigan lakeshore area with her husband, two dogs and two sheep.

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