Monday, August 19, 2013

Staying Alive Book Review

I have a really personal true story to share with you about one woman's struggle to raise her children when her husband dies. It's called Staying Alive: A Love Story written by Laura B. Hayden.
"Staying Alive: A Love Story" is a memoir of loss and recovery about the author's search for meaning after the untimely death of her 49-year-old husband. Told with the grit and wit of a true survivor, her and her children's experience through more than ten years may be considered a quiet triumph and touchstone for anyone who has suffered -- or will suffer -- great loss.    
Called a beautiful reminder of what really matters, the book has been named one of the three top memoirs of 2011 by Reader Views and was nominated for the 2012 CSPA Book of the Year in the Christian Living category.  
The American Institute of Health Care Professionals recently noted, "bereavement counselors can also learn how a person finds strength in writing about his or her own loss from these stories."
This is a story of one woman's struggle to stay alive for her children thru the ups and downs of going thru the grieving process and trying to be their for her children also. She has good days and bad days like I would imagine we all would.

She see's Larry come and go and wonders if he is an angel or if she is just plain lonely and dreaming. She remembers their life together and some days she is mad at him for leaving her at 49 with two children to raise and other days, she is just plain grieving.

What is amazing is that five years after he dies, she gets her own death scare with cancer.

You will be rooting for her and her children throughout the story and you will also see yourself at times and wonder how would you react? It's a thoughtful story that I am sure many other woman have endured. It's a good story that needed to be told, I think, for Laura to continue on and to validate her love for Larry and to keep him close for her and her children.

Happy Reading! 
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