Monday, August 19, 2013

Standing Stark Book Review

I have an another amazing book called Standing Stark to share with you written by Carla Woody.
The gift we have been given is the one called possibility, whose intent offers to tie all together, creating strands of a whole life rather than a disintegrated one. 
With these words, Carla Woody sets the stage in this groundbreaking guide toward leading a rich, authentic life. This remarkable book not only offers means to engage the paradoxical nature of spirituality, it suggests pointed questions that accelerate transformation and inner peace.

Through poetic stories and teachings, Woody incorporates her many years of esoteric adventures with Peruvian mystic Don Américo Yábar and shamanism, her intensive work with others incorporating NLP, and learning gained by balancing community and solitude.

Navigating through such diverse geography as healing with energy, bliss states, dark nights and the challenges of personal growth, she presents ways to integrate the compassion of the heart with the clarity of a mind made wise.  
In this honest, explicit accounting, the committed traveler of the Hero's Journey is empowered to develop their own capabilities toward nurturing a direct relationship with the Core Self and the mysticism that permeates everything.
Okay, it's going to be hard to give you a "true" review on a book that is really about what you take from it. It's more a spiritual book to help you along the way in life and how you see or interpret things around you.

I like to think of it as a spiritual self help book to give you some insight on how to live your life to the fullest and enjoy it.

Just like any book on religion or spiritual practice, I can't tell you what is right or wrong, only give you some tools to search for what you believe or would like to practice in your life. Follow whatever you think your true path is and I believe you will be happy.

It doesn't hurt to have some help along the way!

Happy Reading!

About the Author:

Carla Woody is the author of Portals to the Vision Serpent, Calling Our Spirit Home and Standing Stark plus numerous articles on advocacy of Native cultures that are experiencing decimation, spirituality, and natural healing. She founded Kenosis in 1999 to provide psycho-spiritually based programs to guide people in life direction and healing. In 2007 Carla founded Kenosis Spirit Keepers, the nonprofit extension of Kenosis, whose mission is to help preserve sacred Indigenous traditions.

She sponsors spiritual travel programs and has many years' direct experience with Quechua, Maya and Hopi peoples. She leads retreats internationally sharing an integration of NLP, subtle energy work and world sacred traditions, with a special emphasis on the mysticism of the Andes.

Carla is the developer of The Re-Membering Process, a model for spiritual growth, and works with individuals and groups in areas of transition, relationships, spirituality and whole health. Carla has lived and traveled widely in the United States, Europe, Mexico, Peru and Middle East. Her studies of world traditions and spiritual practices have also taken her to various sites in North Africa, India and Central America. These influences color not only her writing, but also her work with others.

The author donates 10% of profits from book sales to Kenosis Spirit Keepers, a 501(c)3 nonprofit she founded whose mission is to help preserve Native traditions in danger of decimation.

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