Thursday, August 15, 2013

Skincare Sweetness Body Scrub Review

I admit it and I think everyone knows that I am a sugar scrub nut! I just love the way they make my skin feel and they are much better than salt scrubs. I used to love them too until I got Fibromyalgia and then RA which makes my fingers crack from the dryness and salt scrubs burn the heck out of any kind of cut or open wound!
So, I focused on sugar scrubs from then on and I found another one I wanted to share with you today called Brown Sugar and Vanilla Sugar Scrub from Skincare Sweetness!
Now, I did not know that sugar had such great qualities other than I just like the way it feels on my skin and that it's not burning my hands. After looking on Skincare Sweetness's site, I learned some interesting facts about brown sugar that really surprised me!

Looking at the picture below, you can tell that it has an abundance of rich oils that help in the process of making the sugar combined with the vanilla, that it helps deliver the oils your dry skin desperately needs. I just used a very small amount and just used it like I would a hand soap and then rinsed off.

Until you know exactly how concentrated the sugar is or how sensitive your skin is, I would go very lightly so that you don't hurt or tear your skin. Once you know the right amount and how much or little you need to keep rubbing over your hands, then you can sit back and reap the benefits!
**Did you know that the cane syrups used to make brown sugar contain Vitamin B, which is an antioxidant that can help prevent and reverse signs of skin damage caused by excessive exposure to the sun's UV rays?  
**Also, did you know that brown sugar gently exfoliates old skin cells that are on the outermost layer of our skin?  Once exfoliation takes place, the skin is then ready and more receptive to moisturizers and lotions to help combat dryness.   
**Skincare Sweetness's special blend of all natural oils moisturize your skin while you are exfoliating, so in most cases, an additional application of other moisturizing products is not necessary after use.
**Lastly, vanilla extract has been shown to contain many antioxidant properties, and in addition, it helps to improve skin tone.
Now, I knew that I loved the soft silky feel that I get after using sugar scrubs but I had no idea I was doing my skin and myself a huge favor and reaping the benefits of some properties that brown sugar holds.  Who would have thought that brown sugar could be good for your skin?

They also have a Coconut Body Scrub if you prefer that scent. Skincare Sweetness says that coconut  is a great moisturizer and that their special blend with other all-natural oils often eliminates the need for application of any other moisturizing products after a bath or shower with our coconut scrub.
They also have a Decaf Coffee Facial Scrub for the face and a Tea Tree Oil Foot Scrub. They both sound amazing and I hope to one day try them also.
Here's how the company started:
Last year, our beautiful two-year-old princess experienced issues with dry skin.  She had what appeared to be a rash on her stomach and on her back, but only in the waist area.  Her pediatrician stated that it was not eczema, but just very dry skin.  After trying a few lotions designated as all-natural treatments for dry skin without success, I did a little research on natural remedies for dry skin.   
Because she was only 2 years old, I only wanted to use products with all-natural ingredients on her sensitive skin.  I discovered quite a few products, but most of them were out of our budget.  So, after more research, I developed a recipe for a sugar scrub that includes oils that are very nourishing to our skin.  I tried the scrubs on myself first and my skin loved them, so I decided to try them on her.  After a couple of uses (literally), I could tell a definite difference in her skin.  I have been using the scrubs on her twice a week for a couple of months.   
She currently has no issue with the dryness on her stomach and has very minimum dryness on her back.  With continued use of the sugar scrub twice a week, coupled with the use of our all-natural lotion bar, we are expecting the dry area of skin on her back to be completely gone, as well. After my skin fell in love with the scrubs (especially the Brown Sugar & Vanilla Sugar Scrub), I began to share my scrubs with relatives and friends.   
After hearing such positive feedback regarding their results with the scrubs (soft, smooth, moisturized skin), I wanted to share the scrubs with as many people as possible.   
Thus, Skincare Sweetness was born. All of our scrubs are made by hand from all natural ingredients.  No chemicals are added to any of them and we are planning on keeping it that way.
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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Kitty Iecvan said...

I'd love to try the Coconut scrub! Sounds like it'd smell great!

Danielle Royalegacy said...

I never knew that cane syrups had vitamin B in it. Sounds like a great product. Thanks for the wonderful review.

Stephanie Phelps said...

Wow these sound amazing! I know I could really use a lot of them but the Tea Tree Oil Foot Scrub sounds like a dream for my feet!