Sunday, August 25, 2013

On Distant Shores Book Review

I have a great book to share with you today called On Distant Shores written by Sarah Sundin. It's a great story about when a woman becomes a flight nurse and an awesome love story during a war.
Overview of Book:
Caught between the war raging around them and the battles within, two souls long for peace—and a love that remains true.  
Lt. Georgiana Taylor has everything she could want. A boyfriend back home, a loving family, and a challenging job as a flight nurse. But in July 1943, Georgie’s cozy life gets more complicated when she meets pharmacist Sgt. John Hutchinson. 
Hutch resents the lack of respect he gets as a noncommissioned serviceman and hates how the war keeps him from his fiancée. While Georgie and Hutch share a love of the starry night skies over Sicily, their lives back home are falling apart. Can they weather the hurt and betrayal? Or will the pressures of war destroy the fragile connection they’ve made? 
With her signature attention to detail and her talent for bringing characters together, Sarah Sundin weaves an exciting tale of emotion, action, and romance that will leave you wanting more.
My Thoughts:

This really was an awesome story about the sacrifices that the people who served in our World Wars gave and it really breaks my heart when the people that they leave behind cannot wait for them. I really don't understand things like this but I guess it happens. If you don't think you can wait for someone, I think it's best to tell them that up front before they go instead of them getting a Dear John letter in the middle of a war.

Georgie and Hutch are friends only because each is engaged to another back home. One day Georgie gets to leave Italy and go home for awhile. Hutch wants to send his girl a package and asks her to mail it for him when she gets to the States. Instead she decides to deliver it and finds out that Phyllis has gotten married to someone else and has a baby! Georgie is furious with her and demands that she writes him a letter ASAP.

See, I don't know if I would have done that. What if he was so heartbroken that he didn't pay attention while fighting and got himself killed?

Georgie has her own problems while she is home with her boyfriend, Ward, because Georgie decides to take on some more training and tells her family and Ward that she is going back to Italy and the war.

Will Ward wait for her? Or will she also get a Dear John letter?

Happy Reading!

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Sarah Sundin said...

Mary - thank you so much for the lovely review! I'm glad you enjoyed Hutch and Georgie's story!