Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Tot Clock Review & Giveaway**Closed**

Wow, I was so very blessed that I got to review this really awesome new way to teach young children the time but also the importance of when it's time to go to sleep, wake up, take a nap and several other functions.
I had seen them around while skipping thru other blogs and they looked so interesting that I had hoped someday I would be honored to get one and now that I have, I am so excited to tell you about My Tot Clock!
As you know, the face of the clock changes color to let the child know what is going on and what time of day it is so that they associate a time with a function.  I think kids in general get the concept of what a nap is or bedtime but they don't know much about the "time of day". To them, it's just one big long day and they just want to play, play, play!
So, having a My Tot Clock will help ease them into a routine that prepares them for the time when school arrives and you have already gotten them used to waking up at a certain time and going to bed at a certain time. The Tot Clock does need AC Power or Batteries to run so if you are travelling, make sure you have batteries! It does come with one AC Adapter.

Although you can program all of these features, there is a manual override button for times when you can't wait for the alarm to go off. Emergencies do happen and don't worry that the clock won't accommodate you, because it will.
Here are what each color will mean to your child:
The Blue Face lets them know that it is time to sleep. And if you think about it, it does make perfect sense. We associate blue with calmness, like the ocean. I know I sleep better when we are at the beach. Something about the deep blue sky and ocean along with the waves just relax all the tension out. As an added bonus that I did not know about, the Tot Clock does something amazing for bedtime!

Not only will your child enjoy their new built-in nightlight (it does have 5 levels that you can choose so that it's not too bright or too dull for your child), but they will absolutely love the extra bedtime stories and lullabies that play off little cartridges called Tot Clock Treasures. As a little treat, let your child pick out their favorite Treasure and plug it in themselves! The lullabies will only play for 30 minutes before shutting itself off.
I think it's also obvious why they chose the Yellow Face to be the wake up color. It's the same color as the sun when it rises in the morning and let's face it, we are a visual world. So, yellow is cheery, wild awake and ready to go. And added bonus for morning is that it plays a happy & fun wake up song! Hopefully, before long that will be the way your child looks at having to get up early to get ready for school!
Okay, now the Red Face is going to be the tough one. It stands for Discipline and I am not sure why the red works other than when I think of a child having a temper tantrum, they turn red in the face and sometimes so does Mom & Dad from embarrassment. The timeout duration should be age-appropriate. 

The rule of thumb in Mommy Circles is one minute per year.  For example, a 2-year old should receive a 2-minute timeout, 3 minutes for a 3-year old, etc. My Tot Clock will automatically beep and turn to yellow when time is up!
The Green Face is the sign of encouragement that should be given anytime your child does something good. I know it can be small things or big things. It's been awhile since I have had a small child in the house but I do have a Yorkie named Charlie and I have learned that if he does something good, no matter how small, and I keep saying Good Boy, he is more apt to keep doing it than not.
So, when you want to encourage them to behave, hit the green button and set it for a limited amount of time, say 2 minutes or 5 minutes maximum at first because they are little and it will seem like a lifetime to them. For instance, if you are on the phone and they like to jabber at you or even wail or scream, setting the clock and letting them know what it's for, will hopefully bring about a more peaceful home. When the time is up they will see it turn yellow and know that they accomplished the goal.
I was so excited to get the clock for one of our nieces who lives a few states away and we thought they were coming for a visit but her Dad, who works as an ER nurse, got called into work, so I didn't get to see her face or get some pictures of her reaction, I will be mailing it to them so she doesn't have to wait for Christmas. It was a Birthday present and will be late but she understands that things happen.

By the way, there are 9 different face plates that you can choose for your child's Tot Clock so that they can be personalized to what they love the best. My grandson would have loved the Dinosaur one and I didn't know that it could be changed out or I would have asked for this one. But, it's okay because I am not sure if this would have been a good fit for him since he is already 7.

The Ballerina above is a really cute option for a girl and there are 7 other options you can choose from so before you order your Tot Clock, make sure to look at the face plates.  I believe you can get several and change them out from time to time. Each plate is $9.95.

Another thing that you can do is get additional Tot Clock Treasures to change out the stories that your child hears so that they have a good variety of stories and lullabies. There are 6 of them to choose from and are divided into boy and girl themes. Each Treasure is $12.95 each.

I think I have pretty much given you all the info that you need to make a good decision on whether this is something that your child would love to have. I know it would make your life a little easier. And guess what? It was a mother, just like us, that invented this awesome product after many sleepless nights and wracking her brain to come up with a solution! So, go by and check out her story and what led her to My Tot Clock!
Connect with My Tot Clock:
Mailing Address:
White Dove Innovations
5100 Eldorado Parkway
Suite 102, #597
McKinney, TX  75070

The awesome folks at My Tot Clock have offered to give one winner their own My Tot Clock! You are going to love this clock. It just might be the difference between sleeping and not! Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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I love the Butterflies Faceplate

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I like the Princess faceplate or the Ninja faceplate

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I like the Butterfly faceplate
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I would probably get the Ninjas Faceplate.

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I'd get the Sports face clock for my grandson.
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