Thursday, August 29, 2013

Manna Organics Bakery Review & Giveaway**Closed**

I have a really awesome organic bakery to share with you called Manna Organics Bakery and they sent me some of the most awesome, good for you, natural breads that will leave you wondering where did we get our version of the bread that we eat today?
I was sent 4 sprouted breads, 2 were sweet and 2 were not:
1.)  Banana Walnut Hemp
2.)  Carrot Raisin
3.)  Multigrain
4.)  Millet Rice
I guess first thing I need to say is that sprouted bread is not really bread like we think of bread. It is described as a meal of whole sprouted grains, moist and denser than bread. Muffin- or cakelike in consistency. It was very easy to break apart and felt very moist. So, I agree with the description, you would not be able to make a sandwich with this bread, it's more for eating by itself as a treat or as a side.

INGREDIENTS: Sprouted organic wheat kernels, filtered water, organic dried banana, organic walnuts, organic flax seeds, organic hemp seeds. 
It really did taste like bananas with seeds and walnuts. Very chewy and not what you would be used to if all you have ever tried is traditional banana bread which is very smooth and even and thickly sliced. This bread does slice but not like regular banana bread. We warmed it a little and put a very thin coating of butter on it and it actually was pretty good!
These sprouted breads are yeast free, vegan organic, free of salt, no oils, no sweeteners, no leavening agents and are Organic Certified, Kosher Certified.
Also, you need to know the shelf life of Manna Organic Breads:
**Frozen (-10 F) – up to 1 year
**Refrigerated (35 F) – 2-3 weeks
**Room Temp (65 F) – up to 5 days
I did at first put ours in the fridge but then later moved them to the freezer when I realized it was going to take us a lot longer than I thought to eat the bread. It really is very thick and has a lot of fiber and with my stomach issues,  I could only eat small quantities at a time. I had to be very careful not to overdue it. So, what we started doing was taking it out and slicing what we thought we would want the next day and let it stay in the fridge overnight and it was ready the next day with no problems.
INGREDIENTS: Sprouted organic wheat kernels, filtered water, organic carrots, organic raisins.

I think this one was my favorite. I could identify with this one more than the others because it has the right taste, feel and look of a Carrot Raisin bread. I also heated this one up and then did something a little different. I took a small amount of caramel like topping that you put on ice cream and drizzled over the bread and gave it just a tad bit. It really made it an awesome treat with hardly any sugar added. I also tried it with some Honey and boy, it was good that way too!

One other thing, they are baked at really low temperatures for a very short time so that they come out almost like being raw. That is how they get that sprouted texture. It is made with no salts, no oils, no flours and no yeast. So it does not rise, which is why they are low looking breads, not very high looking, more of an almost flat looking bread. Some sprouted breads have a sweet taste because sprouting converts starches into maltose and other complex carbohydrates, so that is why the Banana Walnut Hemp and the Carrot Raisin had a sweet taste.
INGREDIENTS: Sprouted organic wheat kernels, filtered water, organic brown rice, organic barley, organic millet, organic flax seeds, organic rye kernels, organic soy beans, organic rolled oats, organic oat bran, organic cornmeal.
Now, this is a very heavy bread! This is one of the ones that is considered a non sweet bread. I had to be extra careful with this bread because of all the fiber in there, I only took one slice of this one and let my best friend and neighbor have this loaf. She loves bread like this and I knew it would kill my stomach if I attempted to eat too much of this one. It was very good heated up and with some butter on it.
As you can see, it is loaded with all the seeds on the top and throughout the inside with seeds and such to give it a really grainy look. Sprouted grain breads are very healthy. Moreover, they have a low Glycemic index, which keeps our blood sugar levels stable for longer periods of time,  and they are low in saturated fat.

INGEDIENTS: Sprouted organic wheat kernels, filtered water, organic millet, organic brown rice. 
I really liked this one also. It wasn't as heavy on me as the Multigrain and I do very well with rice as it doesn't bother me as much as wheat does or other kinds of bread. We heated this one also and I added some butter and then I spread a very thin line of peach preserves on my slice and boy was it good! I imagined it being peach cobbler, one of my most favorites!

Manna Organics does have sourdough breads and I probably should have gotten one of those instead of all sprouted breads but I was really interested to see what they were and how they tasted. The Bavarian Rye Sourdough (below) has no wheat in it and I bet it would have been great on my stomach. I also love that it is cholesterol free, which is something I am constantly fighting.

You can also get Gluten Free breads and they have six varieties to choose from. Some are sweet and some are non sweet. Just like the sprouted breads, you should be able to find a nice selection that fits you and your family. They also have seven flavors of what they call Manna Butters. They are mostly nut flavors like cacao hazelnut, coconut cashew, amaretto almond and cinnamon date. Those would have been awesome on my breads! I can't believe I missed those on the first run through!
About Manna Organics Bakery: 
Manna Organics, LLC is a family owned and operated bakery, located in Lisle, IL. We started out in 2007, when we acquired Nature’s Path's sprouted Manna Bread®division.  
We make our signature Manna Organics Sprouted breads, artisan Bavarian style sourdough breads, certified Gluten Free Organics Breads, trail mixes, nut butters, kale chips in our family-owned and -operated commercial kitchen. Everything we do is done in small batches, by hand. It's fun and you definitely can taste the difference.
Connect with Manna Organics Bakery: 
Mailing Address:

4650 Western Ave
Lisle, Illinois 60532

The awesome folks at Manna Organics is going to give one lucky winner the same 4 breads that I just reviewed! You are going to love them! Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

Disclosure: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


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Also would like to try the Manna Muchies in Cheese and Mocha and ALL the flavors of the Manna Butters but especially the Coconut Cashew.

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