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K'NEX Building Sets Review

I have some really awesome Building Sets from K'NEX to share with you today. I was sent quite a bit of them to give to my grandson, so you are going to be amazed at what all K'NEX has been up to lately, expanding on their Building Sets!
Here are the Building Sets I was sent to review:
1.)  Extreme Sports
2.)  Angry Birds Space Hogs on Mars
3.)  Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (there are 4 different collections)
Let's start with the single ones first. I think my grandson really liked the Extreme Sports the most.
The main features of this awesome set:
**Cool Extreme Sports builds
**Build a hang glider, surfer, jet skier and more
**10 building ideas
**All Classic K'NEX pieces
**250+ pieces
**Made in USA

He was so excited because he could build 10 different types of sport vehicles like a hang glider, a jet skier, a surfer, a sky diver, a sport bike rider and more!

Or he could create his own daring sport! This is one of those times I don't like it that we live in another state because I didn't get to see him build them or have any of the fun. But, I know he is excited and that is all that counts. He is so excited when he calls and tells me what he built that day.

Please be careful with these sets as they do have 250 pieces in them. They are not recommended for children under the age of 3, so please keep that in mind. They really recommend that the child be 7 or older, which James just turned 7 on August 9th and these were his birthday present from us. I had hoped his Mom would have emailed me some pictures but they haven't come and I didn't want to hold off on this review any longer.

His next favorite was the Angry Birds Space Hogs on Mars Set.

Main features of Angry Birds Space:

**Build and destroy level from Angry Birds Space
**Includes Incredible Terence and Lightning Bird
**Two evil space pigs
**Working launcher just like the game
**Enough parts to build and knock down
**169 pieces
**Ages 7+
James was very excited about this one because of the Space factor and Mars. He got some planets from me last Christmas that stick on the ceiling and they glow in the dark so he has been really interested in the whole space thing since then. He said that he could do all kinds of things like actually building and destroying a level from the Angry Birds Space game! You can also launch Incredible Terence and Lightning Bird to defeat the evil Space pigs and destroy the Mars Rover.
This building set also includes a working launcher just like the game, enough parts to build and knock down, plus a bonus Space Egg. Everything included works with other K'NEX Angry Birds sets. You can even download instructions for an additional building idea. I really haven't played or paid attention to what all this Angry Birds is all about but he knows so I guess as long as he knows what he is doing that is all that counts.
Again, please do not let children under the age of 3 play with these sets. The pieces really are small in some and I would hate for a small child to accidently choke on one of the small parts.
Okay, next is the Pac-Man Ghostly Adventures. They sent us 4 different collections that make up the Pac-Man Ghostly Adventures.
This first one is called Pac's Pac World Maze Building Set. The secret to why you want all four collections is because you can keep adding to the maze. I wasn't sure what the whole purpose was until James explained it to me. I thought that they were separate sets but they all work together. That is one huge maze!
Main features of Pac's Pac World Maze:
**Buildable Pac Man Figure
**Repositionable wall panels for easy customizing
**Includes minion ghost, mini power pellet tree and four power pellets!
**Collect all four mazes to create a giant labyrinth!
**53 pieces
**Ages 7+

I never paid much attention to Pac Man when my granddaughter was growing up so I can only go by what my grandson is telling me about the cartoon on TV. He says once you build this set you can move Pac Man around just like in Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures TV show only on Disney XD! Pac comes with a mini-power pellet tree, four power pellets that he can fire at enemies, and an evil minion ghost whose eyes pop out!

Once you get all four collections set up, he said the fight scenes are awesome. I just shook my head because it all sounded like mumbo jumbo stuff to me. James has always been a very smart boy and he is actually in an advanced class for 2nd graders. They say he is reading and doing math at 3rd grade level instead of 2nd grade. So, this kind of stuff is right up his alley.

This one is called Spiral's Pac World Maze Building Set.
Main features:
**Buildable Spiral Figure
**Repositionable wall panels for easy customizing
**Includes minion ghost, ghost blaster and four power pellets!
**Collect all four mazes to create a giant labyrinth!
**53 pieces
**Ages 7

Since you are trying to build on to the maze, this one is pretty much the same as the first Pac Man. The Spiral set does come with a ghost blaster, four power pellets, and an evil minion ghost whose eyes pop out!

This one is called Cylindria's Netherworld Maze Building Set.  
Main features:
**Buildable Cylindria Figure
**Repositionable wall panels for easy customizing
**Includes minion ghost, ghost blaster and four power pellets!
**Collect all four mazes to create a giant labyrinth!
**53 pieces
**Ages 7+

You are still adding on to the maze and you have one more to go! I bet by now you are about ready to take a break, huh? Just let the kids put it together, they probably know more about it anyway, or least they did in my case.
The last set is called Betrayus' Netherworld Maze Building Set
Main features:
**Buildable Betrayus Figure
**Repositionable wall panels for easy customizing
**Includes minion ghost, blaster and four power pellets!
**Collect all four mazes to create a giant labyrinth!
**52 pieces
**Ages 7+
And now your maze is complete! I bet this looks pretty awesome when all four are put together and ready to play. James has been having a ball with his sets and some of his friends have come over and played also.  This is a smaller version but this is how all four of them should look once they are all hooked up.
K'NEX has a lot more different building sets that you can choose from if none of these are your child's favorite characters. I like them because instead of it just being some toy to play with, it causes them to use their minds to build them and then to play and come up with ways to beat each other. It's good clean fun and you can't beat that.
I love that they have competitions for the kids to see who can do their best and they actually do win prizes, too! They add 10 new builders to the club every year so if your child is good at building, then sign them up and see how far they can go.  They have 3 different age groups so you won't be competing with someone older than your child.
A little history about K'NEX:
K'NEX is the next generation of construction sets. It inspires creativity, builds self-confidence and encourages interaction among children and parents. The possibilities are endless!

K'NEX Brands, L.P. is a privately held company, with the headquarters and manufacturing facility located in Hatfield, Pennsylvania. Today, K'NEX is the most innovative and fastest growing construction toy company. Internationally, K'NEX products are distributed in over 30 countries. K'NEX Brands is also proud to distribute Lincoln Logs in the North America.  
Although the company has been operating as a toy company since 1992, The Rodon Group has been in business since 1956. Both companies have been operated as an extended family, and have internalized and embodied over that period a system of principles, procedures and values that have served to enhance the success of the companies, and to encourage the personal and professional growth of the people we work with every day.
Connect with K'NEX:

Mailing Address:
2990 Bergey Road
Hatfield, PA 19440
Phone:  1-800-543-5639

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


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Transport Chopper Building Set is the one my son likes, so I have to vote for this one :)


Dorothy Teel said...

We love this from K'NEX -NASCAR #18 M&M Car Building Set Kyle Busch car -- i.teel(AT)sbcglobal(DOT)net

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I would love to have their Kid K'Nex Build a Bunch Building Set.

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I like the Star Shooter Roller Coaster Building Set
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Stephanie said...

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K'NEXosaurus Rex.

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