Monday, August 19, 2013

Homer & Me Personalized Book Review

I have a really awesome children's book for you today called Homer & Me, which is about a day in the baseball park and it's a personalized story that you can add your child's name and other items to the story to make it seem real to them.
The book is from a company called KD Novelties and they have lots of other stories you can choose from besides the one I chose for my grandson, James. They have them by age, gender and types of books that your child is interested in so that there is something for everyone. And like I said before, they are personalized so that your child's name appears throughout the story!
I had this on the first page when you open the book. I put it from all of us so that we are all mentioned in the book. I hope he keeps it and reads it a lot because I know baseball is one sport he is really into and is already played T-Ball and I believe he goes on to the Little League this year.
I already have several pictures of him in his uniform and he is quite cute! He is also a good reader and according to his teacher, he is reading at third grade level and he starts second grade his year! So, he is advanced but his parents decided to not put him in advanced classes so he wouldn't leave his friends with the option to move him later if he becomes too bored with reading at second grade level.
So, the stories from KD Novelties are just about right for him. He is able to read faster than he was the last time I got him a book. Gosh, the inventory at KD Novelties is awesome.
I could have chosen from these categories for the personalized stories:
 *Baby Books
 *Disney Books
 *Holiday & Religious
 *Sesame Street
 *Super Heroes
And I chose Sports since he is so into them. He also plays football and soccer but knew that baseball was his number one passion the most. Homer & Me is a day in the life of playing baseball so I knew it would be something that he understood and could relate.

As you can see, I was able to get a real boy's name that he is friend's with at school and also put him in the book, Tarqui. He does live in South Carolina so you have the option of putting in their hometown and state if you want to.
The book itself is a deluxe size 7 x 9 hard cover personalized children's book with 31 pages full of colorful illustrations for ages 5-12.  So, I knew that this was the one for James because it hit his target age but also went a little bit above so hopefully, since he is reading at a more advanced level, it would not be boring for him.
The whole story of what the book is actually about:
Your child takes a trip to the baseball park with Homer. Homer helps your child learn about healthy choices in life (eat right, exercise, stay in school) while also giving him/her baseball tips from professional baseball players.  
This story also encourages positive thinking and staying away from drugs and alcohol. Good for grade age students who are able to understand these messages.
Of course, they have lots of other things that you can get on their site also. You can choose from Personalized Music, Personalized DVDs, Birthday Gifts, Photo Books, Kid's Gift Sets, Book Baskets, Gifts on Sale and Bookmark Buddies. As you can see, there is a lot more than just books that you can get personalized at KD Novelties.

Here is a sample of a My Dream Book Personalized Photo DVD with them in it:

Hopefully, I have given you some great idea's to use for the upcoming Christmas season or just for a Birthday surprise. That is what I did for James, his birthday was on August 9th and I gave him the book as part of his birthday package. I try to always include at least one or two books in the mix with some toys and clothes. I hope that I am teaching him it's not all about toys, but also about the love of reading, which is something I couldn't live without myself. 
And that really is what KD Novelties is also trying to show our children. That reading can be fun and educational. It hopefully lays the foundation that will stick with them and help them love to read. I know I am doing all I can to help with that also. I think that having fun stories with them in the middle of the story is one way of helping them want to read.
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Stacey Roberson said...

I love these personalized storybooks - something to treasure for years. Looks like they have quite a selection to choose from. I love finding interesting reads for my little guy. This is definitely a book that will keep him interested.

Rebecca Parsons said...

A lot of people think these are novelty items. In a way they can be but children love a story about themselves. I personally am getting some for my grandbabies!