Sunday, August 25, 2013

Harriet Beamer Strikes Gold Book Review

I have a really light hearted book about an older woman and her dog and their crazy adventures that they share in a book called Harriet Beamer Strikes Gold written by Joyce Magnin.
After a whirlwind cross-country move, Harriet and her donut-loving basset hound, Humphrey, have settled into a new life in Grass Valley, California. When Harriet learns that she's going to be a grandma for the first time and get a new suite with room for her salt-and-pepper shaker collection, she can't wait for her best friend, Martha, to come visit so she can share her good news. 
But adventure is never far away when Harriet is around. After listening to the pleas of a desperate teen whose daddy needs money right away---and happens to have a gold mine to lease---Harriet falls hook, line, and sinker into the venture. Although she's nervous about her investment, Harriet chooses to keep it a secret from her son, Henry, and his wife. She can only imagine what she'll do if this turns out to be her ticket to a golden windfall. 
When suspicions arise, though, it becomes clear that Harriet may never see an ounce of gold. But will she continue to trust and risk losing everything? The fate of the young teen and a family emergency show Harriet where her true treasure lies.
Wow, Harriet takes on quite an adventure when she decides to leave Pennsylvania and move to California to be with her son, Henry and his wife, Prudence who is expecting twins! They are going to build Harriet a Grandmother Suite so she will have room for her collection and Humphries, her Basset Hound.

She gets into some sticky situation with some shady people over a gold mine scam and from there the laughs are a barrel a minute! Her son Henry gets his wife involved because she is a lawyer and the next thing you know, the FBI is involved.

While all of this is going on, one of Harriet's friend's, Martha, comes out for a visit and she also gets involved in the whole scam.

You will delight in this light hearted adventure/mystery and laugh right along with Harriet and her friend Martha. Humphries, the Basset Hound also provides a few chuckles himself.

What a great book to read on a day when you need something to find some humor in and still get a good little drama going on!

Happy Reading!

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