Friday, August 9, 2013

Go Chews Review

I recently received some really interesting snack bites to review called Go Chews from momme meals. I wasn't sure if I was suppose to capitalize the name or not, but decided since it wasn't that way on the bag or their website, I would leave it like I saw it listed.
I was sent their original Go Chews, which are actually energy snacks that are good for you! Why are they good for you?

Well, here are some starters:
- 100% organic & vegan
- Soy, dairy, gluten and peanut free
- No refined sugars
- 7 grams of protein & 5 grams of fiber (per serving)
- Contains omega 3 & 6
- Includes only nine whole food ingredients
- Tested with Kona-bound Ironman triathlete (for energy) with great success
- Bite-sizes allow for complete portion control
- Contain natural lactogenic ingredients (whole foods that support milk production) like apricots & rolled oats

They actually don't taste bad at all. They look like they might have a little bit of a chocolate flavor to them but they really don't. It's more of a fruit based taste is what I got out of it when I ate them. Believe it or not, they were actually made for an entirely different reason than to just be a snack or energy bite. They are allergen-friendly so no matter what your diet restrictions, you and your family can enjoy these without any worries.

If you can eat any of those diet bars that they offer in grocery stores, then you can eat this and it actually tastes a lot better and is probably better for you as it has you and baby in mind. If you eat fruits quite often, then you will love this little morsel because honestly, it did taste like several fruits and their juices to me. I could be wrong but that is what I thought it tasted like. They were very moist and not hard or dry. To me, that is one major plus because I can't stand dry or hard good for you snacks. It will turn me off and then I won't eat them no matter how much I need them.

Their main purpose was to help moms prepare for having a baby! They were made to be mouth watering, energy enhancing, baby building, milk making morsels. Now, how about that! I would have never known that they were made to help moms produce milk for their babies if I had not read it myself on their site.
The Go Chews are loaded with good for you vitamins such as: calcium, copper, fiber, zinc, iron, magnesium, thiamin and Vitamin A.
They have lots of other meal options and the great thing about momme meals is that if you live in one of the cities that they deliver to, you can get your meals delivered right to your front door. Unfortunately, they do not deliver in Georgia but if you live in cities that they do deliver, I bet this would save new moms and moms preparing to deliver, a great deal of time and energy. Plus they know that they will be getting good food for them and the new baby.
Here is where they deliver:
Arlington, Alexandria, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Falls Church, McLean, Silver Spring, Springfield and Washington, D.C.
So, if you live in those area's, you are going to be spoiled. Otherwise, you will have to order online at some of the stores that they have listed on their website.
Our Philosophy:
  • Work with only the freshest, seasonal most nutritionally dense ingredients
  • Support agricultural sustainability by sourcing locally when possible.
  • Incorporate only organic and all-natural ingredients (100% non-GMO).
  • Review each of our recipes with a registered dietician
  • Provide foods you can trust for you and your family.
I found this on their site and it's called Chicken Barley Soup. I love anything that has Barley in it and I bet this one is pretty good or at least is sure looks like it. So, as you can see, they really do have your best interest at heart and the meals really look good. Shoot, I wouldn't mind having this soup myself and I am way pass the baby making stage of life!
Here is what your delivery would look like. Looks pretty darn good to me. Actually almost looks like a day at the spa or something. I wouldn't have guessed that it held food in that awesome looking bag. Or at the very least it looks like an oversized lunch bag being delivered to your door! 
This is how it all came to be:
In the winter of 2010 my best friend gave birth to her first daughter, Avery. I simply could not wait to meet her. Immediately, I began thinking of what I could bring to welcome them home and help make my girlfriend's now hectic life, just a bit easier. 
Having always had a passion for food, I knew I wanted to bring her something edible, but what? There were dietary needs as well as restrictions during her pregnancy, I knew, but what about now? 
After a few days of research and quite a few evenings in the kitchen, I  arrived a week later at her doorstep with a cooler full of frozen food. All of the food I prepared was created to be convenient, healthy and most importantly, something I knew she would love to eat.
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Stacey Roberson said...

My sister is following a gluten-free, vegan diet. These would be perfect for her. These things are filled with vitamins!

S C said...

I like all the vitamins, nutrients, and protein these offer. I just wish they had ones in different flavors and more taste. Overall, these sound well worth a try.
Sherry Compton