Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fiafini Skincare Review & Giveaway**Closed**

I have a new skincare company that I ran across recently to share with you called Fiafini Skincare. I was sent two of their products to review and I think you are going to love what I have to say about them.
I was sent the Delicate Cleansing Emulsion and the Divine Hydration Moisturizer to try and they are both absolutely awesome! You guys know that I have Dry Skin so when I find something that blends well with my skin, I let you know right away what I thought.
First, let me apologize for not using my own pictures. When I went to download them this morning, my darn camera decided to act up and wouldn't download. I then noticed it had never shut off last night when I took the last of my pictures for some new products that came in. So, it's stuck again and I have to wait for it to power down, then charge and hopefully that will fix it. This has happened several times and I am afraid I may have to bite the bullet and figure out a way to get a new camera.
I need to tell you that Fiafini Skincare has Marula Oil in it's products and here are the main reasons why:
  • Miraculous Anti-aging: Is a relative of the mango and is 10 times more stable on the skin than olive oil*
  • Is rich in unsaturated oleic acid (allowing it to be absorbed more easily by the skin)*
  • Has advanced free radical scavenging properties to fight environmental damage*
  • In independent clinical tests, Marula Oil has also been proven to help protect the skin’s natural moisture barrier by preventing transepidermal water loss, preserving the skin’s hydration balance as well as reducing topical redness**

  • Marula Oil comes from the Marula Tree that is found in South Africa and is a sacred part of African life and legend for thousands of years.  Marula trees are revered as a source of health, healing and nutritional support. All parts of the Marula tree, from the bark all the way to the nutrient-dense kernels (which are the source of Marula oil) are used to treat and cure a wide-range of health ailments, and recent scientific discoveries have uncovered remarkable promise in the use of Marula oil in anti-aging skincare.
    Let's start with the Delicate Cleansing Emulsion first since that is where you need to start any skincare regime by having clean and fresh face before applying anything else.
    The very first thing I noticed about this cleanser was how light it was and that it does not take much for it to foam up. I used only a small amount and got quite a bit of nice foamy cleanser in my hands so start off by being stingy and then adjust to how you like it.
    The Delicate Cleansing Emulsion has the awesome Marula Oil in it as I stated earlier so you will notice how soft and silky your skin is after you have cleansed your face almost immediately. Or at least I did. Because of my dry skin, I can feel the difference that fast. This product is safe to use both night and day.
    You will also notice that it is great at removing all of your makeup, dirt and oils while preserving the skin's lipid barrier. It will also fight stress and dryness caused by our environment along with the toxins and impurities.
    It has a very soft gentle fragrance that will delight you and the bottle is a good portion at 4.0 fl. oz. so it should last you a pretty good while. It's great for sensitive skin as well. I also love that this product is free of fragrance, alcohol, mineral oil, and all parabens. And there is no animal testing.
    Your next step is the Divine Hyrdation Moisturizer. I have to tell you this is the one that really impressed me the most. Because I have dry skin, I can tell right away how a moisturizer is going to stack up against my skin. I have had moisturizers that were for dry skin but they were so darn heavy that I felt like I had a mask on!
    This moisturizer will not do that! It is lightweight and almost fluffy, if you want a word to describe what I felt when I put it on, that was it, fluffy. My skin drank it in immediately and had no leftover residue and my skin felt smooth without the heavy oily look or feel.
    This moisturizer also helps soothe and calm redness with Prickly Pear, Avocado and Evening Primrose extracts, while also reducing environmental stress on the skin. The powerful antioxidants Marula oil and vitamin E fight fine lines and wrinkles, and help visibly firm and lift the skin for complete perfection.
    The Divine Hydration Moisturizer will help with fine lines, wrinkles and the elasticity of your skin along with the other common signs of aging. I can't wait to see how my skin looks in another 30 days. I am know that any good skincare does take time to help right the way my skin has been abused or the lack of good skincare recently.
    I haven't been well lately, so I have let my skincare regime fall slightly. I just haven't felt like doing all the steps necessary to keep up with it all, but with these 2 simple products, I have started back on the right track. I have always if nothing else, cleaned my face and used a moisturizer even when I was in my 20's, so that has helped me lately because of that attention to my skin. So, please, do not keep putting off using some basic steps in your teens and 20's, every little bit helps.
    And as with the cleanser, this product is free of fragrance, alcohol, mineral oil, and all parabens. There is also no animal testing and it is considered Vegan. Also, just like the cleanser, this product can be used both night and day and is suitable for sensitive skin. Please avoid your eyes!
    Gosh, I wish I could tell you about some of the other products but these are the two that I know about. They do carry a complete line of products so I am sure whatever your skin needs, you will find what you need at Fiafini Skincare. They do have an eye cream and will soon be launching their new Exceptional Skin Serum. I am a firm believer in skin serums and know that they can work if you get the right one.  So, I will be interested to see how this one works and if it is as exceptional as these two products that I just reviewed, it will be awesome!
    I thought you might like some backup proof, so I got that for you, too!

    Clinical Results:

    • After using the complete Fiafini system 2 times a day for 7 days, skin showed up to a 127% increase in natural moisture levels§
    • 88% of women strongly agreed their skin felt smooth and soft after using Divine Hydration Moisturizer for only one day◊
    • After just one use of Deluxe Anti-aging Eye Cream, 85% of women noticed visibly more hydrated skin around their eyes◊
    §Source: AMA Laboratories Clinical Trial conducted on 30 women for 7 days, June 2011, ◊Source: Consumer Self Perception Study conducted by The Beauty Company, April 2011

    Here is how it all started:
    Sometimes the most remarkable discoveries happen by chance. When Stasia Serafini discovered a small vial of pale golden Marula oil from South Africa, little did she know that this tiny African treasure was about to transform her life. Used for centuries by South African women in the care and beauty of their complexions, Marula oil is a potent, powerful and pure anti-aging wonder.  
    Ten times more stable on the skin than olive oil* and rich in vitamin C, this remarkable oil is naturally chemical-free, and safe for all skin types, even sensitive. After using this amazing oil on her face for only a few months, Stasia noticed some pretty incredible results: reduced fine lines and wrinkles, smoother texture and incredible suppleness. She was not only delighted, she was eager to find more of this wonderful product, but there was little to be had in the US.  
    Knowing that there had to be hundreds of other women in the world who had been on a similar search as her, Stasia realized the time had come for her to bring her skincare odyssey to life with Fiafini Skincare.
    Connect with Fiafini Skincare:

    Located in:
    Moosic, PA 18507
    Phone:  888.342.3464

    The awesome folks at Fiafini Skincare are giving one winner their own set of products that I just reviewed! You will get the Delicate Cleansing Emulsion and the Divine Hydration Moisturizer. You will love them! Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!


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