Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fantasy Coloring Posters & Books Review & Giveaway**Closed**

I have a really fun and unique company to share with you today called Fantasy Coloring Posters and Books. They were very kind to send me several posters to review and I would love to tell you about them and how amazing I thought that they were.
I was given 5 different posters in the 11 x 17 size and they are a range of fantasy creatures varying from dinosaurs to angels, faeries and warriors. Printed one-sided on 11x17 sheets of 67 lb bristol vellum, a heavy, high quality art paper. All posters are rated G or PG-13. Great for colorists, hobbyists, as a fun activity for kids and adults of all ages.

Each poster is only $1.00 each with a minimum order of 25 and it includes the shipping. You can mix and match them. Also, you can use crayons, pencils, markers and paint on them. So, knock yourself out in whatever style suits you! Oh, there are 35 different 11 x 17 posters to choose from!

We got this one for my grandson who is only 7 and he loves Dinosaurs so much that he requests shirts, toys, anything that has them on it for his birthday and Christmas. He had his 7th birthday back on August 9th and I sent this one to him. Unfortunately, this was the only one I could send him as the other ones looked a little too adult and sexy for him.

They live in another state and I guess they forgot that I needed them to send me a picture of it colored and I didn't want to hold up the review for that, so I only have the black and white to show you. But the detail is amazing! This was drawn by William J. Murray and boy, can he draw! The Dinosaur looks so scary to me and the two little people and their faces are priceless.
This is another one of the posters that I got and as you can see, there was no way I could send this to a 7 year old boy. His parents are very strict Southern Baptists and I believe they would have had a heart attack if I sent something like this. The other 4 posters I sent to my granddaughter who lives in another town but here in Georgia where I live.
Unfortunately, she also did not send me pictures of what they look like colored, so I guess I should have kept at least one for myself but I knew how much she loved to draw and paint. She is in her early 20's and I guess she got so busy she forgot all about it. So, I am not batting a good average here as they say in Baseball. If I ever decide to do something like this again, I am keeping them myself!
I am really amazed at how William J. Murray was able to get such detail into these posters. Yes, they were all drawn by him. I have always admired people who can do this kind of thing because it takes great talent but also imagination to think of these things in that kind of detail then draw from that imagination. 
All of the posters came in a really nice sturdy box that was a little bit bigger than the posters to protect them from bending. My packing box looked exactly like the picture below. You can fit all of them inside that box and what I loved the most about it was it opens on one end and you just slide the posters out and they are perfect, no bends, crinkles, or tears.
You can also get them in bulk in either 200, 100, 50 and 25 posters to a box. The largest
 being 200 posters for $75 is actually an awesome price and if you have lots of children or grandchildren to buy for and they all love to color with whatever form, this is a great way to encourage their artist talents.
You can also get Poster Coloring Books that have 25 pages in each book for $25 and that includes shipping. So, if you just have one or two children or even teens or adults who like to do this kind of thing, this is an awesome deal that could end up sparking their imagination.

They come in full color cover, chipboard backing, pad bound for easy removal. 25 pages. Coloring posters are printed single-sided on 11" x 17", 67 lb vellum bristol  (thick art paper) & shipped flat in a box. (Some posters may included gray areas to aid with coloring and shading.) 
Lastly, you can get them in mini posters. They are printed one-sided on 41/8" x 53/8" sheets of 67 lb vellum bristol, a heavy, high quality art paper. These are only 33 cents each and the minimum order on these is only 6 so this is still a great option if you are on a budget but still want to give your child something unique but that will stir the imagination. And there is 18 different scenes to choose from!

I hope by showing you some of the kinds of posters and the few that had some color that you will see all the possibilities and how beautiful they look once they are colored. If I ever get any pictures from either my grandson or granddaughter, I will come back and update this post but didn't want to hold up this review waiting on children I am not sure will feel the urgency to get it done.

You can check out some colored posters on their Blog. I urge you to go there and see how beautiful they can be when colored. I am glad that I was able to at least leave you a link to go and see what they look like. And I found a video on YouTube that shows one of the pictures being colored. There are also some other video's on their Blog that you can watch and a portfolio on William J. Murray and his art.
Connect with Fantasy Coloring Posters:

Phone:  254-315-1091

The awesome folks at Fantasy Coloring Posters is giving one winner 10 Posters of their own to color! You will love these posters, I promise. They are so beautiful. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone


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