Sunday, August 25, 2013

Blooms Today Purple Passion Flower Review

I got some really beautiful flowers not long ago from Blooms Today called Purple Passion. I thought they matched my blog really nice, don't you? Now, for some crazy reason, the light in my house just would not cooperate with me and my camera the day I tried taking these pictures so this isn't doing justice to them.
I guess I am going to have to figure out a way to get a new camera because this one seems to be dying on me. It is hit and miss a lot here lately on the quality of my pictures. So, here is what they really look like in a better light and without trying to capture the vase also.
They really were so awesome and they lasted almost 2 weeks so to me, that is huge! I won't let Mike buy me flowers often because it is such an extravagant expense for us so when I do get them, I want them to last as long as possible, don't you?
I did copy the vase from Blooms Today because you can't see it very well in my picture and it is such a pretty purple that I will be keeping this vase for myself.  We sometimes will get a bouquet of flowers and then use one of my vases to give to his mother to save on the cost, but this vase will be staying right here with me!
I got even closer on this one so that you can clearly see the purple roses, which are my favorite! This bouquet has fresh long-stemmed lavender roses, lavender daisies, lavender button poms and lavender alstroemeria. Oh, the lilies arrived in bud form for longer lasting blooms and they did exactly that! I had actually let the sponsor pick the flowers for me and she said she picked these because they matched the colors on my blog. I sure am glad she did because I love lavender as all of you well know!

You can get these flowers in three different grades:

**GREAT bouquet includes 20 stems
**GREATER bouquet includes 24 stems
**GREATEST bouquet includes 28 stems

You can also add gifts to your flowers such as candy (in either Godiva Chocolate or Jelly Beans), teddy bears (in small & large) and plant a tree! You can choose what kind and color of vase or no vase at all if you want to use what you have at home. It's all shipped in a very nice box that is safe and secure. My box came and nothing was broken or messed up. Just like the one below.

I also found this really cute smaller set of flowers that I would have loved also because of the container. I am one of those people if I am going to get flowers, I want them to come with something I can use afterwards and keep forever. That way I feel justified in the amount of money that was spent and I get a keepsake. I love this bucket container!

I am also a big fan of roses and I love them in just about any color you want to send them! I do prefer the pinks, reds and purples but won't turn any color down. Who in their right mind would do that? Not me, that's for sure! Oh, in case you are wondering why I am giving examples, well, let's just say hubby checks out my blog and this way he knows what to get me! (hint, hint)

And who can forget the balloons? I love them one time a year and that is Valentine's Day when the bigger the better is the only time that I let him pull out all the stops. But, it's not just Valentine's, see we got married the day before back in 1999 so we celebrate both of them on the same day and it's always a big deal! Hey, he's getting 2 for 1, so I should get it all, right?

The other thing about our wedding is that my flowers were red and white roses so he always gets that combo on our anniversary. He really is a sweetheart and I think I will be keeping him for the duration!

Oh, I also found a deal on roses if you don't mind them being a combination of a lot of colors. I think they look pretty darn awesome myself and wouldn't mind having them myself! It's called The Deal of The Day and today's was buy 12 Roses and get 12 Roses Free!

And then lastly, they have a 20% sale going on and you won't believe the flowers that I saw when I clicked on that banner!

Aren't they both amazing! I don't know how they did this flower cake below but it is gorgeous! And the purple flowers above are just too cute! And they are both 20% off!

They do have a 100% Money Back Guarantee but I really don't think that you will be needing it. Between the flowers that I got to review and the ones I showed you that I liked, I know I won't be sending any of mine back!

Connect with Blooms Today:

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Phone:  1-800-520-0573 (customer svc)
Phone:  1-800-359-5309 (place order)

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Danielle Royalegacy said...

Oh, you lucky girl! More flowers, and these are even more lovely. Just checking them out, and I love the Fun in the Sun bouquet.

Gala said...

another beautiful bouquet, great for you. I guess I should send a link to my DH, out anniversary is coming