Friday, August 9, 2013

Andrea's Beau Hair Accessories Review

I have a really interesting and new place for you to go to and get some really awesome looking hair accessories for yourself and your daughter! They sent me the sweetest hair barette and it was big enough that I was able to use it to tie back a pony tail! The name of this online store is called Andrea's Beau and you are going to love shopping there for yourself and any other girl or woman in your family or even your friends!
Here is what I was sent to review:
This is called the Indique Diamond Hair Clip and it is so beautiful! They picked the right thing for me because I love sparkly pretty things like this and I am so thrilled with my new clip! I did make one mistake and that was I forgot to get my husband to take a picture of what it looked like on but by the time he got home from work, I had already taken it off and was in the middle of fixing dinner and didn't think to put it back on.

The description of this clip is right on the money:
The opulent 3 1/4" crest of pearls, crystals, rhinestones and gold beads lies on a 3 1/4" French automatic clip.
I wore it one day when I had a doctor appointment and all I put on besides this was a really small nice set of gold hoops that had three stones on each hoop. It was absolutely perfect and I got the most compliments! I had quite a few of the doctor's staff ask me where I got it and I referred them to Andrea's site and I hope that some of them found some great stuff. Next time I go back, I will ask some of them if they bought anything or at least what they thought of the site and the products.
Gosh, they have so much to choose from as you can see from the top picture. They have hair accessories for women and for little girls. I loved these headbands and the awesome thing about them is that they can be worn by either girls or women.
I had thought about getting a soft headband because for some reason hard ones give me a headache after awhile and there is nothing wrong with the product, I have tried all kinds of brands, all kinds of different prices and it doesn't matter what I pick, they still hurt my head so I have had to give up on those so I have wondered how soft ones would work.

I really liked this one the best, called Juliet Beaded Soft Headband. You can get it in 4 different colors so it is really versatile.
One of the prettiest things that I think they have for girls is the Tiara's. Yes, you heard me right, they have these really awesome Tiara's that your little girl can wear and pretend that she is a princess! Take a look and see what I mean. This one is called Princess Rhinestone Tiara.
I love the story behind how this company got started and so will you! 
My mother, an artist, taught me to see beauty in simple as well as elaborate things. A vase of daisies. A ballerina's costume. A decorated cake. That "je ne sais quois." Further inspired by my travels, I gathered vastly varying concepts of how women adron themselves to feel beautiful without the need to follow trends.  
In addition, I believe that every woman is secretly in touch with her girly side, and dress-up never stops being fun! Andrea's Beau is a natural extension of these inspirations. It pleases me to think that my creations help women express their own inner sense of beauty and personal style.  
And my beau? That's Marc, my amazing husband and partner. He still makes me smile. A lot.
Isn't that the most romantic story? I think it goes well with the Princess Tiara's and my beautiful Diamond Hair Clip! I am so very grateful that she made such a stunning piece for me to wear when I want to feel like a Princess too!  I bet you and your daughter will love whatever piece you get and both of you can take turns being the Princess for that day!
If you go and "Like" them on Facebook, you can get 15% off of your order! They also have Free Shipping on orders over $50.00 so don't miss out on getting some awesome hair accessories and save some money at the same time!
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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Maria said...

You should try their hard headbands! They don't hurt at all like most do, even my daughter can wear them!