Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Alice's Summertime Adventure Book Review

Wow, have I got a great book for you to read! I have shared Suzanne Jenkins with you in the past but I just finished one of her newer books and I think she has outdone herself with this one! It's called Alice's Summertime Adventure and it's a doozy!
Overview of Book: 
We meet Alice Bradshaw when she is at a crossroad. She's just beaten cancer and is suddenly unsure of what her next move should be. Looking back on where she's been and what the future may hold, she knows she needs to make a big change in her life. Then her car dies on the highway after an argument with her daughter. Dave, a stranger on a motorcycle, pulls along side her and saves the day. He offers Alice a chance at adventure. She jumps on it, much to the dismay of her children.  
The adventure starts a chain of events that will have Alice and her children, as well as Dave questioning every aspect of their lives. There will be a few casualties along the way, a lot of anger, life changes and a few shocking surprises. Alice's Summertime Adventure is the story of an average American family as they struggle with dilemmas we all have, and making choices that aren't for everyone.
Again, I have to say Wow! This is one crazy old woman and one crazy summer adventure that she is on! I don't know whether to laugh or cry or actually, you can do both. This book is packed with so much going on with every member of Alice's family, I really don't know where to begin.

I guess it's fair to say Alice is the main character and she has some really weird children who have all these weird ways of looking at life and Alice. But, to be fair, Alice is a little dim witted herself and I can really understand why her children turned out the way that they did, but wow, they sure are hateful and awful!

Alice finally wakes up I guess after her husband has been dead for 25 years and decides to stop being a rug for everyone to walk all over and one day her daughter Faye pushes her beyond what is really rude and Alice leaves her house and on the way home her car breaks down and when Dave stops to help her, she has a moment and decides to take it!

Course, there is something seriously wrong with Dave too and at first I thought maybe he was a paroled sex offender or something but the truth is even more shocking and crazy but the really funny and absurd thing is, Alice has no clue! She has to be the dumbest woman I think I have ever read about! I am still sitting here laughing so darn hard, it's not funny! I really can't tell you in so many words, but ALICE IS REALLY DUMB!!!!!!!!

But, you will fall in love with her and cringe every time someone is mean to her and want to beat the crap out of them! Her four kids included, well, I take that back. Lynn, one of her daughters, is not at fault. I think she got some of Alice's mental capacity and she is homeless and really not all there either, but she is the kindest of them all. She actually is rooting for her mother to finally get a clue and have some fun in her life, so you got to overlook Lynn and concentrate on the other three kids.

Happy Reading!

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Dorothy Teel said...

I live in the United States and I want the hardcopy of this book if I luck out and win.

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Krizia Almiranez
btw, thanks for the great giveaway! :D

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Thank you so very much, looking forward to reading this wonderful book. Thanks again