Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vampire Vic Book Review

Well, I finally caved in and read my first Vampire book! Of course, it is actually a story that kind of mocks Vampires and is more a comedy than a scary book, but still it's about Vampires!! The book is called Vampire Vic written by Harris Gray.
Synopsis of book:
Fat, balding accountant Victor Thetherson hoped becoming a vampire would turn his life around. But Victor can’t stomach confrontation and gets queasy at the sight of blood. Instead he gets it from the blood bank, diluted in bloody Bloody Mary's. The result: a vampire who doesn’t bite, and a man who gets no respect. 
Victor’s slacking staff mockingly calls him Vampire Vic. Victor’s boss amuses his wife by intimidating Victor on video. His ex makes him stay out late while she entertains boyfriends in the house she insists they continue to share. One night it finally boils over, and Victor bites someone. And then another…and very soon, he’s no longer visiting the blood bank. 
Muscle replaces fat, and his comb-forward widow’s peak takes root. Victor basks in newfound attention and respect, at the office and at home. But real vampires get hunted, and as the transformation reaches the tipping point, Victor must decide how much he’s willing to sacrifice for the power of the vampire.
You will really get a kick out of this book! It really isn't until almost the middle of the book before something happens and Victor is fed up with people cracking jokes about him not being able to bite anyone and drink their blood! He actually gets his blood from a blood bank and he has a friend who works there and he brings it out to him so he doesn't have to go and bite anyone.

He really is trying so hard to do the right thing but finally one night he has had enough and once he starts, it builds up to the point where he actually likes it. He also notices a few other side effects and that is that women now want to be with him! Unfortunately, he really doesn't know what to do with them.

All in all, this is a pretty mild book with maybe a few shocking scenes towards the end but I really have the feeling that the writer was playing around with this character and he is funny in some parts. I did find it hilarious that a vampire could go to work and everyone knows he is one but no one is afraid of him.

I thought it was even more strange when women were lining up to be bitten. Of course, they really didn't know what would happen. I think a lot of people idolize who a vampire is and they think it's sexy or something.  The good thing is that Victor did not turn anyone into a vampire because come to find out, his becoming a vampire is very unique and can only happen one way. And if he repeats that one way with someone else, he will die. What a lonely and horrible life that would be!

You really will get caught up in the story and you will pull for Victor and hope that he wins this battle!

Happy Reading!

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Harris Gray said...

Mary, we are so very happy that we were your first (vampire book). Glad we did not disappoint; hope your second will be the sequel. Much appreciated for your time, the read, the great review, and the chance to be on your site. Big thanks from Harris Gray.