Friday, July 26, 2013

Traveling for Love Book Review

Well, this is a first! The book is white and because of that you can't see where it starts or ends. I think it's absolutely hilarious! I have once again, decided to read something a little different than my normal quest of books. This is a self help book called Traveling for Love written by Becky Due.
Synopsis of book:
When her husband tells her, he wants a divorce, Amanda realizes she no longer knows who she is-her life revolved around her husband. At forty, she finds herself divorced, childless, living in an apartment with a roommate, with little education and no career path. Amanda starts dating, finds employment as a travel agent, and begins the search of finding herself and-with a little luck-the right man.
Poor Amanda! Her husband Nick asks for a divorce and then has the nerve to tell her to go find herself! Boy, I would be all over him like white rice if somebody ever said that to me! But, Amanda goes out and does just that. She gets a job in a travel agency and she begins her new life and before long, she realizes that she actually loves her job!

One day she meets Sam, who works in a Deli and they date for awhile and have some great times but they both know it's nothing more than that. Amanda decides to take a vacation and go to the Grand Canyon. While there she meets another man named John who is a jeweler. They spend the whole vacation with each other but again, Amanda knows this is not a long term relationship.

After all of that, she decides to take a cruise and this particular cruise will end up being her best trip yet. Lots of sparks and lots of action! If you are a romantic at heart and love it when a plan and the people in the plan come together, then this book will rock your world!

Happy Reading!

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Thanks for the great review! :-) Happy Friday!