Thursday, July 18, 2013

Red Flag Warning Book Review

I have another awesome book about firefighters to share with you that Kurt Kamm wrote called Red Flag Warning which is about serial arsons who start fires all over the place. They are just like serial killers in that they get off on starting fires and don't care what they destroy or how many lives are lost.
Overview of book:
Los Angeles County is burning. A serial arsonist is setting the parched hills on fire. Plunge into infernos and face the smoke, heat and danger with the men on the fire lines. While NiteHeat prowls in the darkness, setting fires and taunting investigators, the Los Angeles County Fire Department’s Arson Unit struggles to find the fire-setter and stop the devastation.

Who is NiteHeat? Is it Ruffy, the 911 dispatcher who has failed firefighter training? Is it Mikey, a dropout who appears at every fire and steals firefighting equipment? Is it Father Dom who claims the fires are started by Satan? Discover the incendiary device triggered by a cooking timer from Williams Sonoma.

Did you ever wonder how wildland arson investigators find the point of origin and evidence in a fire which consumes thousands of acres? Did you ever wonder what goes through the mind of an arsonist?
This is my third book from Kurt Kamm and each one gets more interesting the more I read. I guess I never wondered exactly what wildland fires were all about and the men who went in and tried to stop them. That point got drove home not long ago when those 19 brave men died in Arizona fighting a wildland fire. Now that I have read these books, I understand better what they faced and how horrible it must have been. I now know about those shelters that they deploy when they get caught in a fire with no escape. I knew as soon as I heard the news that they did not survive because as good as those things are, they don't stand a chance in a fire like that.

This story involves a serial arsonist who goes around thumbing his nose at the firefighters and basically wants everyone to be his praises. I know, it's crazy! Why would anyone admire someone who goes around destroying people's homes and businesses not to mention the lives that are killed in the process?  They aren't thinking rationally is all I can think of. And this serial arsonist will surprise everyone in the end. It is someone that they least expected for a lot of reasons.

But in getting to that identity, they go thru a list of people and boy, some of them really are screwballs! One is a young guy about 25 years old that does nothing all day but lay around and dream about being a firefighter. He even goes to stations, fires, where ever he can and he steals their equipment so he can pretend he really is a firefighter. His room is like a museum when they do catch up with him. He has so many helmets, suits, hoses,  googles, you name it, whatever a firefighter has, this guy had it. By stealing it, not earning it.

There's a lot of interesting facts in the book along with the story and if you like thrillers, then this book delivers that! But also remember, this is about firefighters and the story will tug on your heart in light of the 19 firefighters who lost their lives recently.

Happy Reading!

RED FLAG WARNING has won numerous literary honors:

The Infinite Writer – First Place – Mystery 2010
The Written Art Awards – First Place – Mystery/Thriller 2010
Royal Dragonfly- First  Place – Mystery Category 2011
Public Safety Writer’s Association 2010 – Honorable Mention – Published Novel

Check out Kurt Kamm's website for all of his books and to also connect with him on his Facebook page and Twitter from there also.

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Julie Wood said...

This book is right up my alley. I like the story because it is a mystery that is being solved and it is about firefighters. I like books that really give a good read and mystery or who done it is my type of book!