Friday, July 19, 2013

Pretty Is As Pretty Does Book Review

I have a class reunion story that I know we can all relate to called Pretty Is As Pretty Does written by Debby Mayne. If you are like me, these events are not any fun and why we really have them I don't know. It seems to me it's just a chance for the success stories to rub it in to the ones who faced hard times and didn't make it. It just seems so high schoolish to me.  And yes, you can tell from my comment that I never went to one. I can get beat up other ways without having to subject myself to that.
Overview of book:
Priscilla Slater goes to her ten-year high school reunion with equal parts dread and eager anticipation. Even though she’s a successful owner of a chain of hair salons and no longer has the mousy brown hair, crooked teeth, and discount-store wardrobe, she still feels like the ugly duckling.  
But when she arrives at the reunion, Priscilla soon realizes that her old classmates aren’t exactly as she remembers them. With humor and a just a touch of sassiness, Priscilla finds herself facing her own truth—and she may be surprised at what she discovers.
Thankfully, this story really is uplifting in a lot of ways. Yes, several of the girls that Priscilla went to school with are not doing as great as she is but for some reason she thinks she isn't good enough. Well, that is just plain silly, after all, she is the one who owns 3 businesses!

Priscilla ends up being in charge of her little group and trying to get them all together. Since she owns beauty salons, she has makeovers for two of the women, especially for Laura who has an alcoholic husband and poor Laura never has any money to buy anything nice for herself.

Priscilla is daydreaming about Maurice whom she had a crush on in high school but never got to date him. She wonders what would have happened if they had. You know, this is what I am talking about. We start thinking being with someone else will solve our problems, but it doesn't. If it had been meant to be, I think it would have worked itself out.

Besides, she has a man who would give everything he owed to be with her and she obviously doesn't see the pasture for the cows. Maybe when all this reunion stuff is over, she will see what she really has. One thing is for sure, she did not know that there would be someone at the party that secretly had been jealous of her during high school because Priscilla was the valedictorian and she was not.

I will end it there so you can read how it all turned out and I left a lot out in between also!

Happy Reading!


Meghan said...

I did not go to my hs reunion but that's ok b/c I live in the same town as I went to hs & see the exact same peeps. mkw70 at Comcast dot net

Terry King said...

I have not been to any of my high school reunions. Nor do I think I will ever go to one, I feel like you. If I want to be beat up by the "succeeders", I would rather stay home.

Myrna said...

No, never went to a class reunion. There is no one from those days that I ever care to see again.

karel said...

No, I didn't go. I can't face those people and I don't want to see how they have aged. lol It will only remind me how old I'm getting.

Heather said...

I wanted to go but wasn't able to I was on vacation!

Anita Yancey said...

I haven't gone to any of my reunions yet. But my 40th is next year and I plan to go to this one. Thanks for having the giveaway.