Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Portals to the Vision Serpent Book Review

I think I am on a roll with all the switching it up I have been doing lately. I have another book to share with you called Portals to the Vision Serpent written by Carla Woody.
Preston Johns Cadell is tormented. He attempts to outrun discontent and the void in his heart. His mother is hardly around. His father's origins and disappearance are shrouded by family secrets. His sole remembrance of his father is flying through the stars nestled in his arms.  
Any comfort Preston derives is from an unseen advisor who teaches him of the invisible world. Now he is coming of age. Memories arrive from long ago when a brown-skinned woman cared for him. But she, too, vanished. Finding the buried remains of his father's altar, Preston must answer the draw to his destiny, to discover his lineage-even though he has no idea how or where it will lead him. 
PORTALS TO THE VISION SERPENT is a Hero's Journey into the realms of shamanism and the Maya world. Interwoven are the struggles of indigenous peoples to preserve their way of life and tragedies that often come from misunderstandings. Through a family saga of dark wounds and mystery, spiritual healing unfolds.
Gabe knows something is not quite right with himself and he can't explain it to his wife or son, Preston. He loves being outdoors sitting around a campfire chanting and meditating the way his ancestors did. One day, he just up and left and never came back.

His wife, Sybilla was a journalist and she started taking more and more assignments all over the world. She hired a woman named Mama Luna to look after Preston, her son while she was gone. She thought he was just like his father and she just did not understand him either.

Preston asked Mama Luna about his Dad, Gabe and come to find out, she knew him and his family. A really sorrowful tragedy occurred and Gabe hadn't been the same since. Mama Luna told Preston some things that no one knew about Gabe. Preston finally understood what happened to his father.

I won't tell you much more because if I do I have given the book away. It's not a really long story so it moves quick and to the point. Haven't you ever wondered where your life is headed? Sad about the past and wish you could have done things different? This book is really about our life's journey and what we make of it. '

I hope you decide to live in the moment and live life to it's fullest. Don't give up the way Gabe did. It's definitely not the answer.

Happy Reading!

She has been kind enough to offer one reader an ebook version. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!