Monday, July 22, 2013

Patchuli Stick Deodorant Review

I recently got to try something a little different than the ordinary deodorant. It's called Patchuli Stick Deodorant from Lavender Cosmetic. It's made from all natural mild ingredients so it is suitable for all skin types.
Coconut oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almonds Oil, Drinking Soda, Grape Seed Oil, Beeswax, Corn Flour, Lavender EO, Patchuli EO, Rosewood EO, Geranium EO.
If you love the scent of Lavender and Patchuli, then this new deodorant will rock your world. I am an avid fan of both scents so this was really an awesome treat for me. I loved it because on the days that I decide to wear either my powder lavender or my scented water for a light fragrance instead of a perfume, I can use this deodorant and it doesn't clash with my scent. I smell fresh all the way around and no one knows the difference except me! I can just smile and say it's my powder or my scented water that I splashed on!
Here is why they chose the ingredients for the Patchuli stick deodorant:
Patchouli - antiseptic, sensual and effective for calming skin irritations.
Rosewood - antiseptic, sensual and relaxing.
Geranium – antiseptic, effective for sensitive skin and shrinks tissues.
Lavender - antiseptic, soothing and kills bacteria.
Now, does it make sense? They wanted to make sure that if you are using their deodorants daily that none of the ingredients would cause any skin irritations, clogged pores, great for new moms who breastfeed and even patients taking chemo for cancer.
Other benefits of Lavender‘s natural deodorant include the avoidances from problematic materials and chemicals:

**Lavender‘s natural deodorant does not affect the process of sweating, and does not contain aluminum salts which is the active ingredient in Antiperspirants which constitute over 90% of deodorants on the market. This material harms the body‘s sweating process and prevents the secretion of sweat.

**Lavender‘s deodorant does not contain talc or magnesium silicate powder that many studies linking it to cancer.

**Lavender‘s deodorant does not contain preservatives (Parabens), that several studies relate it to the increase in breast cancer among Western populations.

**Lavender‘s deodorant does not contain alcohol and other petroleum products (some deodorants on the market are even having the Petroleum (oil) as the main constituent).

**Lavender‘s deodorant does not contain synthetic fragrances.
**All products manufactured by Lavender are not tested on animals.
They also have two other sticks to choose from. They are:
Deodorant Myrtle - Lemongrass

Myrtle- antiseptic, aromatic, soothing the soul and shrinks tissue.
Lemongrass- antiseptic, soothing and refreshing.
Lavender- antiseptic, soothing and kills bacteria.
Deodorant of Lavender - Rosemary
Lavender - antiseptic, soothing and kills bacteria.
Rosemary - antiseptic, stimulates the mind, reduces swelling and regulates sweating.
Tea Tree Oil - Antiseptic and regulates sweating.
They also have deodorants for men and children along with a wide array of other products that I bet you would love to use. They have bars of soap, liquid soaps, olive oil soaps and ecosoaps. You can also buy hair products from them such as Olive Oil Shampoo and Natural Hair Cream. I was quite taken with the Olive Oil that they use in their Shaving Soap and in their Facial Soap.
I would urge you to go and look around and see what all you might find that would peak your interests. Don't forget that they have products for your children, too!
You can also request samples if you are not sure what you would like. Below is how they will come.
Here's how their company came to be (I just grabbed a snippet so check out the rest!):
One afternoon in the summer of 2006, Ido and I sat in our garden, drinking tea and talking, surrounded by the flora and fauna of our garden - plants, fish and frogs that live in our gray water system. Our system leads water from the shower, running it through plant filled pools for water treatment, finally reaching the last pool of water where we have fish and water lilies. 
We sat calmly and enjoyed the descending evening when, suddenly, we noticed, to our amazement, the fish in the pond having convulsions and turning on their back - all dying within minutes! Shocked, we ran into the house, to the shower. Two of our four children were playing in the bathtub pouring shampoo into the water ...
Although it was one of the leading anti-dandruff shampoo brands in the country, and despite the small amount spilled (half a bottle) - all the fish died in less than an hour. Later, all the plants in the gray water system turned yellow and died.  
"What does this mean for humans?" We thought to ourselves after recovering from the shock.
Connect with Lavender Cosmetics:

Phone:  +972-77-2127172
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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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I'm going to have to purchase one of their sample sets when I get paid again. This sounds like a great product to try!