Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Original Sprout Sponsor Spotlight Review

I bet most of you have heard of Original Sprout Tahitian and the Island Bliss products that are perfect for summer and smell really beachy and summery! They have some of the best natural, organic products that I have tried not only because they are good for Moms, but because they are good for our children as well.  The children's line is the Worry Free products but today we will be talking about the Island Bliss products and one Tahitian product.

Here are the three products I got to review:

1.)  Island Bliss Shampoo
2.)  Island Bliss Conditioner
3.)  Tahitian Sunscreen


I really love this awesome shampoo for the summer because it lathers up really well and doesn't take much to get your hair squeaky clean. Plus, you will smell like you are on the beach and that is never a bad thing! Oh, did you know that organic Rosemary is a natural and organic way to get rid of lice and insects? This would be a great shampoo to use on your children even during school so that you can help ensure they are getting some protection.

Your hair will be silkier, smoother, thicker and just feel plain out wonderful! Unlike other sulfate free shampoos that can weigh hair down, Original Sprout's formula delivers touchable, smooth volume that lasts all day. Keeps color fresh without sulfates and makes hair stronger with vegan protein.

The awesome benefits of Island Bliss Shampoo:

Professional Performance
  • Gentle pH of 6.0-7.0 to Help Retain Hair Color
  • With Vegan Protein & Moisture
  • For Color Treated or Dry Hair
  • Free of Phytoestrogens Lavender & Tea Tree, Phthalates, Clove & Musk
  • No Soy, Gluten, Honey, Peanut or Dairy
  • No Nanoparticles or Titanium Dioxide
  • 100% Vegan
  • Lice & Insects don't like Organic Rosemary but We Love It!

You will really enjoy the new, ultra rich conditioner that instantly transforms the most dry, damaged hair into silky, soft healthy locks. It has the smell coconuts and reminds me of being on the beach and then when I read the ingredients it all made sense! It has tropical Mongongo Oil known for it's healing, regenerative powers and vegan jojoba protein to rebuild and strengthen. Hair color will stay fresh with their color keeping pH of 4.5-5.5. You will really flip over this new conditioner that smells naturally delicious inspired by tropical breezes of an island escape.

Have fun by taking a tropical vacation in your shower with your new Tahitian conditioner for the hair! A must have for all hair types. I just wish at the time that I got sent this conditioner, that they would have had the shampoo in stock also, but they it was not available at the time I got this conditioner.

This is what this wonderful conditioner can do:

•Family Friendly
•Gentle pH of 4.5-5.5
•Locks In Color & Shine
•For All Hair Types & Textures
•Instantly Smooths & Detangles
•Repairs with Moisture & Protein
•For Effortless Styling & Combing

We have proof how good Original Sprout is for our planet:

•Free of Phytoestrogens Lavender & Tea Tree, Phthalates, Clove & Musk
•No Soy, Gluten, Honey, Peanut or Dairy
•No Nanoparticles or Titanium Dioxide
•Parfum with Natural Extracts
•100% Vegan & Cruelty Free
•E.U. Compliant Ingredients
You are really going to be wild for the their new Face & Body Sunscreen with SPF 24+! It has definitely got the smell of the beach with it's coconut like smell and the same fruity smells of the Conditioner that I just told you about above. On top of that, this Sunscreen has been Winner of Babbles Best Sunscreen Award! Everyone loves the non-greasy natural sunscreen!

Naturally vegan & worry-free, the SPF can be used on the whole family. I love how it helps keep make-up in place & the savings. Excellent for sensitive, dry or acne prone skin. No titanium dioxide or nano particles. Helps preserve moisture without being greasy. Enjoy the real performance & savings with Sprout! I love that it does not run into my eyes and make the burn like some past sunscreens I have tried.

Here a few more reasons why you are going to love Face & Body Sunscreen:

•Soothes & Moisturizes Dry Skin
•Naturally Helps Clear Acne
•Family Friendly
•Gentle on Eyes
•Easy Rinse

You will love that they are also Natural & Organic!

**SPF 24+
**100% Vegan
**Family Friendly
**Natural & Organic

I guess by now you understand why I loved them so much! I can't wait for you to try them and see what you think. They have alot more products than what I got to review and I hope to someday use more of them so I can tell you all about them. If you have children with skin or hair problems, I would definitely recommend these products and I bet you will see a difference almost immediately.

There was way too much information for me to copy here but if you go to the Health Studies tab and read what is in there and why Original Sprout won't use those chemicals and additives in their products, you will understand why. I was really shocked to read some of the reports on that page!

This is a snippet from the tab Founder on how Original Sprout started:
Inga Tritt founded The Original Little Sprout® in 2003 and Original Sprout in 2007. The name Little Sprout was inspired by the birth of her daughter Maya. Inga was born in Germany and grew up in Montecito, California. Her love of nature, art and architecture led to a successful career as a master stylist. Wanting to be a full time mom led her to selling her salons & spas and moving to the country, where she now lives with her family.
Here is how you can connect with this really fantastic company:

Mailing Address:
2777 Loker Ave. West Suite C
Carlsbad, CA 92010
Phone: 1-888-805-2229

Original Sprout has been kind enough to offer the winner of Find Your Paradise Giveaway Hop the same 3 products I just reviewed! You will absolutely adore these products. The Giveaway Event starts on August 1st and ends on the 15th. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

Disclaimer: Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. The photo's used in this review were provided Original Sprout.


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Tina Kohrman said...

I would love to try these products. I love that they are organic and natural. I love that the shampoo which has rosemary which lice and insects hate. I never knew this before reading your review. That is a good enough reason for me to want this product. Thank you for your amazing review.

helen may said...

I love hair products! Esp. ones that can make your hair soft and silky. My hair gets a little too dry because it's so arid here. Thanks for the great review!

AllysMommy said...

I love that it has rosemary in it! with my daughter starting kindergarten this year I've been looking into lice prevention.

desiree reilly said...

all are natural and i have super dry sking and have skin cancer so i now what it mean to use stuff like this

Jennifer Hiles said...

I have heard great things about Original Sprout. I'd love to get the Tahitian Sunscreen for my daughter.