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Money Savvy Pig Bank Review & Giveaway **Closed**

I recently had the opportunity to review this cute little pig bank called Money Savvy Pig and I got it from a company called MSGEN which stands for Money Saving Generation! They are actually have a lot going on that you can't see and they really do teach children to save money and to help with their numbers because really, you seriously need to know how to count if you are ever going to know how much money you have in your bank, right? 
I was very surprised at how many awards this little piggy bank has gotten over the last few years. Take a look at what I mean:
I think it's pretty darn impressive. They have been the Preferred Choice by several different parenting organizations from the looks of it.

Money Savvy Kids @Home is entertaining and effective. Independent research proves this program's ability to improve children's attitudes and behavior about money management.
What is Included?
  • Money Savvy Pig piggy bank and goal setting stickers
  • 44 page soft-cover Parent Handbook
  • 8 chapter CD-ROM with over 100 color images and four sing-along kids songs about money
  • 21 page soft-cover Student Workbook
  • 22 page soft-cover Money Savvy Kids Coloring and Activity Book
  • 17" by 22" When You're Smart with Money Poem Poster
This awesome little Money Savvy Pig can help you teach your 6 to 11 year old several things on a wide range of topics such as: the history of money, where does money come from, the importance of earning money and, of course, the four basic money management choices: Save, Spend, Donate and Invest.
They have actually gotten pretty sophisticated with this plain piggy bank from our youth gone by. They even have made a platinum one that is not see thru if you prefer your child to not see thru the piggy bank. They also have eight chapters on the CD-ROM that are designed for a parent and child to read together. The four children's sing-along songs help to reinforce the money management concepts introduced.
 Kids can set goals for each of the money choices, put money into each of the 4 separate tummies and watch their money grow for each of the money choices.  Then they can easily empty each individual chamber through a unique foot on the bottom of the bank.
They have other colors available including Pink, Green, Red, Purple and of course the Platinum one that I mentioned earlier. This is actually a pretty good idea because it is starting the training early in life so that our children understand the concepts of money and how to save it and invest it. They have made this piggy to be interactive between parents and children. It works best if you work along side your child every step of the way. 
Hopefully, if they learn to manage their money right, we won't have a lot of people in the future who declare bankruptcy, high credit cards that cannot be paid back and losing their homes.
My grandson loves his bank. He gets tickled about the money that he earns from his allowance is going into Money Savvy Pig and that if he keeps saving it up by the time he is old enough to drive, he just might have enough to buy a car, not sure what kind, old or new but hopefully something. With the ever changing economy, who knows what it will be like for him. I worry about that because things sure don't look good, but we have faced problems before and gotten through them, so I think we will again.
But, it's never too young to start learning the basics of how money works and that it really is a good thing to save money when you can and do all the other things that Money Savvy Pig teaches them. They have made it really easy to do with the lessons only lasting about 60 minutes. I would stick to that and not try to do more than one chapter at a time. Any more than that and their minds might start to wonder around.
Guess what? They have added a Money Savvy Cow to the mix!
Wow, look at all that money! For now, Clear is the only color it comes in but there are black spots here and there but with all that money in there, it's hard to see them. So, he's not totally clear. Now you have an option if they aren't into pigs you can get the cow instead!
And if they are into Sports, then they might like the Football:
I think that about covers everybody. Now, don't forget that they have a Pink Pig & the Purple Pig for the girls. And some of the other colors will work for them also including the Clear Cow. We sure don't want to leave any of them out so I am glad that they made some colors for girls.
Here's a little bit about the company, Money Savvy Generation: 
I am Susan Beacham and I have a dream. I am the mother of two girls. I was also a private banker, who repeatedly saw in my professional life how painful and difficult it was for my adult clients to deal with even the most basic concepts of personal finance. In 1999 I decided to do something about this and co-founded Money Savvy Generation with my husband, Michael. 
My dream is to teach money management basics to elementary school aged children, a segment of our educational system virtually untouched because of the perceived complexity of the subject matter. Stated differently, I wanted to get "out in front" of money management behavior before bad habits set in. To start to make my dream come true I went into my local schools on a volunteer basis to teach my "Mrs. Money Talks Money" eight week curriculum.  
Armed with my Money Savvy Pig and motivating experiences with these school children, along with the responsibility I felt toward my own children, the Money Savvy Kids Basic Personal Finance Curriculum came into existence.
Connect with Money Savvy Generation several ways:

Mailing Address:
910 Sherwood Drive, Suite 17
Lake Bluff, IL 60044
Toll-Free 1-866-390-5959  *   Fax 847-295-2139
Email inquiries: info@MSGen.com

Money Savvy Generation has been kind enough to offer one winner their own Money Savvy Pig in your choice of color and if you want to wait until July 29th, they will have the purple available then and a soccer ball for your child to learn about money. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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