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Kringle's Highly Fragrant Peony Candle Review

I know you guys remember the review I just did for my last two Blog Hop Events and now I have another two to tell you about. I have had to combine them together in twos because they are all so close together and we all know about duplicate reviews so I decided not to tempt fate and get in trouble. The winner of the Made in America Giveaway Event will win a $25 GC to spend on anything that they want from Kringle Candle. The event starts on July 4th and ends on the 13th.

Kringle says this about their Peony Scented Candle:

Notoriously difficult to replicate, we’ve found the delightful sweet and lively essence of these lavish pink blossoms.

These are such awesome candles and I know if you read my last review, you will agree. These are unique in that they are all White and because of that, they burn better and longer without all the extra dyes and chemicals and such. They will last longer and give off a more fragrant scent because all you are smelling is the raw power of the candle's scent.

I have a lot of Peonies in my garden of quite a few colors but honestly, I do not remember what they smell like. The Peony Candle that Kringle Candles sent me is definitely a flower fragrant scent. The minute you open the top, the fragrance is right there. Because of my allergies, I decided to let my daughter have this one and burn it. 

I have seasonal allergies and some flowers set me off. Although the Peonies in my garden do not, the scents in a candle are a lot stronger. But that is true of any candle and I love Kringle Candles. I just decided to play it safe since I haven't been feeling well for about a week or so. I am just starting to feel good and did not want a relapse, so she reviewed it for me.

My daughter said it was an awesome candle and that it took forever to burn, which is a good thing. I like to make mine last as long as possible so I will blow it out off and on during a review and take a break. I try to make them last as long as possible. I love the way they freshen up a room and so does my daughter.

The Highly Fragrant Candle has these features:
Width: 3.5 inches
Height:  4.5 inches
Burn Time: 50 hours
Weight:  1.64 lbs.
I love that these Apothecary Jars are nice and thick and very sturdy. The top that covers the candles is extra thick and very well made. I also love the simple, creative design of the Watercolors Candle with it being all white and then the splash of color in the middle of the jar and on the candle lid. It does have a single wick.
The Apothecary Jars come in three sizes, small, medium and large. Kringle Candles have so many different styles of jars that I thought at first I could list them for you but then when I saw the list and the pictures, I was dumbfounded as I have never seen so many different kinds all in one place at one time!  So, I think instead, I will just tell you to head over to the page that shows you them all so you can take a gander yourself! Follow the All Styles link and be amazed!

Now, these are another set of  Daylights candles that you read about in the first review and here is another 2 scents for the Holidays that are going to have you coming back for more! I know, it's hard to talk about Christmas in July, but I have to because these little babies are going to be in the Christmas in July Giveaway Event that starts on July 10th. The event will end on the 17th of July.
You can also get FREE SHIPPING by using this coupon code:  (KCC2DAY05)
The two scents are Christmas and Cozy Cabin and they smell amazing! I love the scents of winter and Christmas the best because they capture the thrill of the Holidays and the cooking scents that come floating out of the kitchens.
Another great thing about these are that they will burn for 12 hours! How awesome is that? Daylight Candles are different than Tea Lights in that they last longer. A Tea Light candle will only burn 4 hours where a Daylight will burn for 12 hours. They are also slightly bigger than a Tea Light.
The Christmas scent is describe as this:
A festively-decorated tree by the fire, fragrant evergreen wreaths by the window and a winter chill in the air. This is the fragrance of the holiday that is awaited eagerly all year.
Although the candles are white, they can decorate the holders to resemble whatever Holiday that you cherish and use candles for.
You will love the Cozy Cabin. It has a really nice smell to it. It smells sort of like a fireplace would smell when there is a fire going. That was my first thought. 
Kringle describes the scent like this:
Brown sugar, vanilla bean and warm cinnamon accords embrace rich wood notes as a smoky inkling adds the perfect finish. Cozy Cabin is sure to give anyone a serious case of the snuggles.
No matter what scent you get, they all sound very yummy. They have a lot of them to go thru so you may be burning candles for a long time! There are so many to choose from.

Below is a video talking about the Daylight Candles if you would like some more information.

Connect with Kringle Candles several ways: 
Mailing Address:
220 South Street Rt. 5
Bernardston, MA 01337
Phone:   413-648-3077
Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


Marti Parks said...

I definitely want to try the Cozy Cabin scent. It sounds a lot like something I would like. It's great that they have a long burn time too!