Friday, July 19, 2013

Hollywood Strip Book Review & Tour

About the Book:
A young Midwestern girl moves to Hollywood in search of fame and fortune only to find success is more than she bargained for.
Callie is a plucky young woman who knows exactly what she wants: fame, fortune, and a fabulous career as a Hollywood actress. A starring role in an unlikely hit movie and a romance with a sexy, chart-topping singer brings her instant notoriety. But in the City of Angels, overnight success is a breeding ground for money-hungry leeches and privacy-robbing paparazzi. She quickly discovers life as an on-the-rise starlet is not as glamorous as she once envisioned. 
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Wow, this book has a lot of steamy sex in it and wasn't shy about telling all the details! I had to gloss over a good bit but underneath it all, it's a romantic book about Hollywood and the stars that get attracted to the limelight.
Callie has a lot of diverse friends and one that she lives with named Candice who is well, let's put it this way, she's a tramp. She is drinking, smoking, doing drugs and goes with just about anybody. She is extremely jealous of Callie and I cannot for the life of me figure out why it took Callie so long to figure it out.
There is a murder mixed in with all this romance and sex so you will have some distractions. In the end, Callie makes a decision that no one saw coming. But for her, it became clear what she needed to do.
If you like a lot of steamy sex scenes, this book is going to be a gold mine for you.
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About the Author:
Shamron Moore became fascinated with Hollywood at a young age.  She counts Ava Gardner, Greta Garbo, and Sharon Tate as early inspirations.  In 2000, she left her home state of Michigan for the excitement of Los Angeles.  Over the course of nearly eight years, she appeared in various international print publications, commercials, television shows, and feature films.  She left the industry to focus on writing, one of her lifelong passions.  Many of her experiences in Hollywood served as inspiration for Hollywood Strip.  She has since written a sequel and is currently penning her third novel.  You can visit Shamron on her website.
Her latest book is Hollywood Strip.
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