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Golden Island Jerky Review


I have another awesome Jerky company to share with you that is also based here in the United States and you can enjoy another great snack that you can safely say is Made in America and that is Golden Island who makes some really awesome jerky!

Golden Island will be giving away the same 6 packages of Jerky that I am going to review for you for the Made in America Giveaway Event that starts on July 4th and ends on the 13th. Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

Let's start with the Teriyaki Pork Jerky as it was the favorite here at the house and I am not just talking humans either. Charlie gave this his 100% stamp also! Charlie is our Yorkie and he thinks he is human so anytime I get something that is safe for him to try a nibble or two, he does get to pass his judgment also!
This jerky was really great! It had the right blend of soy sauce, spices, mirin and real brown sugar, and Golden Island's teriyaki marinade paired with flame grilled all-natural pork made it taste like a sweet jerky. This one should please everyone in the family as it has a little bit of everything, well, it is not hot. If you like hot jerky, this one is not for you. But there are other ones that will satisfy that craving.
Another favorite for me and Charlie was the Mandarin Orange Beef Jerky. I think you will begin to understand that we like the plain or sweet jerky while Mike is the hot jerky nut in our family. This one is kind of like the Sweet & Sour Jerky in the bunch. Charlie really did like this one a lot.
This Jerky is soft and chewy, with just the right balance of sweetness, the Mandarin Orange beef jerky is infused with natural orange flavor, pineapple juice, and real mirin. Each slice of this kettle cooked jerky will delight you if you like a sweeter more flavorful jerky. Mike liked this one but still he is a hot jerky fan but said he could eat this one since it's beef.
Our next favorite was a surprise because for some reason we were thinking this one would be hot but it wasn't. Actually, this one tasted more like real BBQ than the real BBQ one did! This is the Korean Pork Jerky. Charlie also liked this one pretty well. But still, I think his overall favorite was the Teriyaki.
This jerky is something in it's own right as it is a high-protein, low-fat treat inspired by your favorite flavor combinations, such as garlic powder, soy sauce, sugar and sesame oil. The pork is marinated in traditional spices, then flame grilled to give you a delicious Korean barbeque experience! This one actually tasted really awesome and it does have some seed like things on it that at first made me think it was seeds from a hot pepper so I waited for Mike to test this one first before I let Charlie or myself taste this one. It wasn't hot at all so I guess the seeds might have been sesame seeds since they used the oil also.
The Barbeque Pork Jerky to me tasted like a regular jerky. I did not really taste the BBQ, but that is okay. I don't think I would want all of my jerky's to be full of spices anyway. You need at least one plain one for when you don't want a spicy or sweet jerky, but just something to chew. We nominated this one as that since that is what it tasted like for us.
Now, on Golden Island's website they say this about the jerky and maybe we just weren't tasting it so you may have a different experience so I thought I better put down how they describe this one for you since we didn't taste the sweet but did the smoky:
Sweet and slightly smoky, you’ll enjoy this jerky as much as the barbecued pork from your favorite Chinese restaurant. With just a hint of cinnamon and spice, this sweet and soft flame grilled pork jerky.

Now, this one was Mike's favorite, the Chili Lime Beef Jerky. Now, Mike's sense of hot or spicy is mild compared to my description of hot or spicy and I don't know who is right since I decided not to try this one. I have stomach issues and hot or spicy foods send me into a tailspin so it wasn't worth the trouble so I am going by what he said.
When I asked him if it was hot, he said not really. So, please take that with a grain of salt because Mike thinks hot or spicy needs to be really hot. Someone else may think mildly hot is better. I don't know. But I do know from eating out that anything that has chili lime in it, has turned out to burn my mouth. So, you have a difference of opinion here.
Since there was a difference of opinion again, I decided to give you Golden Island's description of the Chili Lime:
What do you get when you pair the just-tangy-enough taste of zesty lime with the authentic heat of chili? Our irresistible Chili Lime beef jerky. A unique and tasty treat, each piece of jerky is carefully sliced, seasoned and marinated for an unmatched flavor experience. Soft, tender and packing a kick of heat, this jerky is perfect for your next fiesta!

Lastly, Mike tried the Hickory Black Pepper Beef Jerky. Now, this one he said was definitely HOT!  I could tell from the looks of it that it was, it was covered in Black Pepper that it wasn't funny. Mike tried to taste another flavor after this one, the regular BBQ, I think, and his mouth was so hot he said I better taste it for accuracy! So, if Mike says this is hot, then you better believe it is!
This Black Pepper beef jerky starts with top-quality beef that’s kettle cooked, then infused with just the right amount of spicy cracked black pepper. Unlike traditional black-pepper-flavored jerky, theirs finishes with a slightly smoky flavor. I don't know if you can see the black pepper on the jerky, but the piece Mike pulled out of the bag was covered pretty good in it.
There were a few others that we did not get to sample, so they have some others that might or might not be pretty hot. Just go to their website and check out those other flavors and decide for yourself.  I think the three that they didn't send from the names of them, must be pretty hot and that is a personal thing so they probably sent us the more popular flavored jerkys and leave the hot ones for people with those hot tastes!
Here is what Golden Island says about their jerky:
At Golden Island, making exceptionally flavorful, handcrafted jerky has been our passion for over 50 years. From fiery to sweet to zesty to smoky, the intense flavor of each of our delicious jerkies is the result of our extraordinary, all-natural ingredients, innovative cooking processes and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Made in small batches to maximize our deeply savory flavors and uniquely moist texture, we start with the good stuff: big cuts of wholesome, delicious US grown beef and pork and our exclusive blends of fresh, natural herbs, spices and sauces. Then we take the time to kettle-cook or flame-grill our meats to perfection to make sure we’ve locked in the unexpectedly rich flavors and authentic aromas that our customers love.

Brimming with mouthwatering flavor, our incredibly satisfying, astonishingly delicious and tender jerkies will go so far beyond your expectations that you’ll never settle for ordinary jerky again.
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