Saturday, July 27, 2013

Folli-Cleanse Shampoo Review

I have a new shampoo to share with you called Folli-Cleanse and it can be used for a variety of reasons. It is mainly used for dandruff control but I don't have dandruff but do have an itchy scalp from time to time and I think it's tied somehow to my Hypothyroidism. So, every now and then if my skin gets really dry, my head will itch a lot!
So, I decided to try this shampoo because it is suppose to be gentle, a lot more than the other dandruff shampoo's that have that heavy tar stuff in it. Lord, I sure am glad I really don't have dandruff because some of those shampoo's are scary! But, this one turned out to be just as advertised, gentle and very easy to use.
Here are some of the reason's why I recommend this shampoo:
**No bad smells Natural based and very gentle.
**Very deep cleansing- cleanses the root of the hair.
**Leaves hair very full and healthy.
**Removes even stubborn build up.
**Returns healthy normalcy to your scalp.
**Removes years of product build up.
**Can be used every day
**Eliminates impurities that cause dandruff, flakes, inflammation that causes itch and more
**Dandruff is removed and the impurities cleansed for healthy hair growth and healthy scalp

The best shampoo for oily hair, anti-dandruff, clarifying and for regulating sebaceous gland secretions.  Rich in Zinc PCA and botanical extracts to heal and repair inflammation and irritation and reduce oil production! It pays to have healthy hair because in turn it helps you to have a healthy scalp. Over 90% of all women that complain of hair problems have serious product, sweat or oil build up on the root of the hair and the scalp.

This shampoo has a very nice smell and won't make your eyes burn or irritate them. I have tried some shampoo's in the past that if I got some of the suds in my eyes while rinsing it out, well, it was not pretty. It really would burn and not just my eyes, the outside of the eye also burned around the crow's feet. So, I am very careful about ingredients now.

That is why I checked out the ingredient's in this shampoo and here is what I found out about the ingredient's and what they do:
**Folli-Cleanse lets natural based herbs and oils do the deep cleansing of the scalp and hair follicle.
**Folli-Cleanse was designed to deep cleanse the hair root and scalp of impurities without irritating even the most sensitive scalp. 
**Thyme, sage, ivy burdock are all natural cleansers- sure they cost more but they do not damage!  
**Zinc Pca is used to regulate the sebum in the scalp so that an oily scalp does not come about.  
**Fenugreek is a natural scalp stimulant that brings crucial blood flow to the root of the hair so that the hair and scalp skin grow healthy. Removing excess debris, pollutants, product build up and more let the scalp be healthy as it should. Dandruff flakes are gently removed and allows healthy skin - flake free- to grow on the scalp.  
**Panthenol is added to keep hair full and thick!
I don't know about you, but I am tired of getting shampoo's that have so many harsh chemicals in them that they either cause my eyes to burn or they damage my scalp or hair because they are too strong. This shampoo was a whole lot gentler and it had a nice clean fragrance that did not irritate my eyes or my nose.

Oh, and this shampoo is gentle enough to use on your children. It has been certified Organic by the State of California. If you don't like it, they have a 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

I also found out that Folli-Cleanse also removes sebum plugs, as well as dirt and cholesterol which can cause a hardened plug that clogs the follicle opening. Evidently, this is a very common problem for both men and women. It might be one of the reasons that you are losing hair, if your hair has sebum plugs, it can cause the hair to stop growing. I have thinning hair so this was fascinating to me.

I had a hairdresser one time tell me I wasn't massaging my scalp enough when I shampooed and that might be why the blood circulation wasn't helping produce hair follicles. I wonder now if it wasn't these sebum plugs instead. Well, I will continue to use the shampoo and give you an update later on when I notice whether or not my hair gets better or if the thinning continues.

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Connect with Folli-Cleanse Shampoo:
Mailing Address:
MMT Group
2605 Mtn. Industrial Blvd. Unit 2
Tucker, GA 30084
Phone: 1-888-909-1658

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