Monday, July 15, 2013

Down And Out in Beverly Heels Book Review

I have a really good book to share with you called Down And Out in Beverly Heels written by Kathryn Leigh Scott. I really enjoyed this book a lot and felt really bad for our main character. I think all of you will love this book as it has everything, romance, mystery, love, hate, deception and backstabbing best friends!
Overview of book:
Meg Barnes, a beloved actress for her role as TV detective Jinx Forgarty,  has it all but thanks to her newlywed con-man  husband,  loses everything and ends up living on the streets of Tinsel Town in her Ritz-Volvo. This fun, light-hearted romance takes us into the Hollywood social swirl, but also delves into the gritty truth of what it is to be “homeless and hiding it” in one of the most glittering, fashionable cities in the world.  
It’s also a story of redemption with a “Thelma and Louise” twist as Meg, incorporating skills she learned as a TV detective, tracks down her fugitive husband and struggles to regain her reputation, career and friendships.
In some instances, this book is actually a little bit funny. But, in all seriousness, it is not cool when a husband sets a woman up to make it look like she was in on the whole scam to get her friends and acquaintances  to invest money and then disappear!

Poor Meg, is now homeless because she lost everything to this man! And she is so darn dumb at first thinking he really is in trouble. She never really gets it or believes it until past the middle ways of the book which is when I wanted to choke her silly.

She finally gets up the nerve to do a little detective work with the help of the woman who is letting her stay with her. Which is another funny kinda not situation. Meg doesn't want her new friend to think she was sleeping in her car at night but the new friend kind of suspects it. They got on each other's nerves in the beginning but by the end of the book, are on their way to becoming good friends.

They really do need to take some classes on not being so obvious in their detective skills but otherwise they aren't half bad. They were able to find the person who started this whole thing rolling but in the end, Meg gets the shock of her life!

Happy Reading!

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S C said...

The title is adorable and the cover cutesy. I wasn't expecting the description though. Seems pretty in depth. It will be interesting to read about Meg's character development.
Sherry Compton