Thursday, July 25, 2013

Bulu Box Weight Loss Review

I recently got this awesome box filled with products to help you lose some weight but also to help you keep your energy up and there was a packet of greens to mix with food so that you get all the nutrients that you need and then the last item was a pack of pain relieving crème in case you went to gung-ho on the exercise! This was all neatly packaged by the folks at Bulu Box.
I had these supplies in the box:
1.)  Shapeology Burn Blend (14 capsules)
2.)  Twin Lab Power Fuel (1 packet)
3.)  Gu Energy Strawberry Chomps (1 packet)
4.)  PowerIce (1 packet)
5.)  EatGreenTea (1 packet)
6.)  Thera-Gesic (1 packet)
After I signed up for this program and it was being shipped is when I realized I had something going on with my digestive system and went to see my Gastroentrologist and he said he felt like something was off with me, more than normally. I have some issues but these even went beyond that so we scheduled a colonoscopy.
He said I should wait on taking anything until we get the test done and the biopsies back so I turned this box over to my best friend and neighbor, Lynette.  She loves this type of stuff even more than I do so I knew she would give me her absolute honest opinion. She also has a son who used to be a bodybuilder and a wrestler so he knows how to put on the right weight and how to lose it too!
She also goes to a gym just about every day so I knew I could get what I needed done and still look after my own health. She took the Shapeology Burn Blend before she went to work out. She is like me, a little bit past that time in life where the tummy really wants to attack and grow so that was her goal, to see if this box of goodies could help her work out longer and better.
What Shapeology does is it increases the metabolism so that you burn fat faster. With her exercising on the treadmill before her weight training, she was able to go a little bit longer than normal. So, it did help her with endurance. Since there was only 14 pills in the bottle, we didn't see much of a difference in weight loss but it sure did crank her up! So, I think if you had the whole bottle and took it as directed, I bet you would see some results!
Well, she did lose 1 pound that week but she also did not follow a diet plan 100% so that might have offset it. It was her birthday and everyone got together and took her out several nights so that kind of put a damper on the loss department but then we figured it must have done something because normally she gains when she goes out that many times and eats all that good food!
She also used these on the days she did not take the Shapeology pills and she said this really gave her the extra push over the limit of what she normally exercises. She was able to keep up with her son, who was the bodybuilder & wrestler (he's now his own boss helping other people as a personal trainer). So, she always double checked with him to make sure she was not doing anything to hurt herself.
He gave the okay for the Gu Energy Chomps in the Strawberry Flavor. He said as long as she did not take anything else while using these that she would be okay. So, we followed his advice and after she finished the Shapeology, she used this package for her gym days.  These have electrolytes, antioxidants and amino acids in them that help with the energy to keep you going.
Now, a few days after the souped up exercise she did, she was feeling a little bit sore so she did use the packet of Thera-Gesic pain relieving crème on her thighs and she said that it worked just fine. Lynette is pretty healthy and doesn't take pain medication even if she is hurting. She believes in all natural stuff so I knew she would be a good tester for this also. I have to take regular pain medicine daily so I was afraid I might not feel the same difference that she did. I am assuming most people don't take medication and that was why I wanted a "true" test and not one where I already had something to help with the pain.
She said it went in fast and helped with the stiffness the 2nd day after she started the more intense workout. The packet said that it would relieve muscle aches and stiffness with this easy to use crème and they were right. Lynette was very grateful because she hardly won't even take Advil or Tylenol either. Her body just won't allow her to take oral pain medication, regardless of narcotic or over the counter. She gets deathly sick and when she broke her leg a few years back, they almost killed her in the hospital with morphine and the family had to step in and say no more. She learned to deal with it without, which I could never do. I am very sensitive to pain myself!
She also used the packet of EatGreenTea by using it on her salad one day just for the nutrients since she had become an exercising machine. I don't think we were suppose to notice any difference with just once packet but she did say it wasn't bad at all. It says on the packet that it helps keep harmful free radicals out of your system with regular use. She said she wouldn't mind giving it a try. She really believes in all of that natural stuff.
Now, these next two products were used when the Chomps were done and she froze the PowerIce and had it one day before going to the gym. She said this was actually her favorite way to get energy! She liked that it had the electrolytes and energy together and tasted good! They said they like for you to freeze it because it cools the body before and during your workout to keep it at a normal state the entire time so that it increases your performance and endurance. Lynette said she wouldn't mind doing this one every day!

She mixed this one with her Almond Milk and drank it like that. She actually got 2 servings out of this one because she wanted to make sure she didn't look like the guy on the picture! I told her I didn't think one package would do that but because she was on a roll by this time, I don't think it slowed her down in the least. She went 2 more days at full force. She said she thought it kept her from getting tired so that was one of the things it said, so we were very happy.
All in all, she lost 5 pounds using all of these products but not at the same time. I am not sure if you are suppose to do that but we didn't so if you upped the game some, I guess you might get better results plus you got to remember, none of these were full products so that will definitely change what you can accomplish. I think any one of these by themselves should give you the energy to get the max out of your workouts!

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.