Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wicky Tee's T-Shirt Review

This is a very cute T-shirt that plays with several things but I think you know which one is the most obvious! This shirt came from Wicky Tees and it actually is a very thick t-shirt that I think will help make this shirt last a long time! I love it when a shirt comes and it's not flimsy like a few that I have had in the past.
This shirt is actually in the Men's section and it's called Funny  "Sex With Me...Priceless" Tee There are some things money can't buy....! It cracks me up and I thought Mike was going to have a heart attack! He said I am not wearing that out in public and I said no one was asking you to! It's a shirt that will be a "relax at home" and "our little joke shirt" to share with friends and family. Shoot, I may even wear it as a nightgown like I do a lot of nice thick shirts that I have.
Here are the awesome features I love about this shirt:
* 100% COTTON
And as you can see, it is definitely a UniSex shirt and a woman can wear it with no problem, just get the right size. I got mine bigger because I did have the intention of wearing around the house either while cleaning or as a nightgown so I wanted big and comfy but I know a lot of you like your shirts to fit right. Just wanted to make sure you understood why our shirt is much bigger than hers. 
Oh, and our shirt is Black. I know hers is Brown and the picture that I took with Mike holding the shirt up is a little confusing too because it's hard to tell which color it is but it's definitely Black.  I am going to have to find some extra money somewhere and buy a really good camera. Ours is just a little slim pocket one and it really isn't taking very good pictures anymore so that is why I use backup pictures from the sponsor.
Here is a sample of a woman's shirt and I thought this was pretty cute too!
And then here is one I grabbed from the Kid's section so now you have an idea of what they have for each age appropriate group: 
And I found this video on their YouTube that gives you a pretty good idea of some of the shirts that they have for both men and women:
And then I found a new kind of Tee that I have never seen before: A light up fitted Light Up T-Shirt that is activated by sound! You heard me, these shirts glow in the dark when sound activates them! I thought this would be a good one for Halloween, especially if you have a small pocket ipod in your hand or pocket and turn it on and walk down the shirt and everyone's mouths will be open and thinking, How in the heck is he doing that? 
Okay, now here is a video showing you how the Light Up Shirt works when music is playing. In this video they have on a different shirt but it's the same principle.
Here is what Wicky Tees says about their Light Up Shirts:
What is Light Up T-Shirts?  Light Up T-Shirts also known as EL T-Shirts (ElectroLuminenscence) or Electronic Tee Shirts are sound activated t-shirts that follow to the sound of music.  EL T-Shirts are perfect for clubbers, ravers, dancers, DJs, and party-goers.   
Light Up T-Shirts can be used as raver clothing which feature cool designs where you can wear at night and become center of attention as the the panel flashes to the rhythm of music.  All Light Up Tee panels are VELCRO ATTACHED for easy removal. Wicky Tees carries Light Up T-Shirts for Men and Women!  
WARNING:  People that wear Light Up Tees may attract attentions more than usual :)
And then I wanted to show you one last item that I really fell in love with and that is the Cell Phone Dust Cap:
And this is how it looks when it's applied to the phone. They used a different cap but I liked the one above better.  The dust cover will be used on the 3.5mm headphone jack of your phone.  It is easy to use and remove.  Best of all, it's FREE SHIPPING! See the black and rhinestone on top?  How cute and different!
Here is what I found in the About Us section:
Wicky Tees is an online retail cheap funny t-shirt design store founded by an awesome guy who was obsessed with cool and funny t-shirts so that he could express himself in many different ways, that was his ultimate goal.  He believed that everyone of us, should have his or her own way to express themselves.   
Thus, Wicky Tees was born - the best way to dress yourself in style with adult sensibility. As a company, Wicky Tees is proud to be the source of of funny t-shirts and graphic tees provider with its excellent customer service, fast order process, and innovative designs.  
Wicky Tees also carries the coolest EL T-Shirts (ElectroLuminescence) that follow to the beat of music.  Remember, we are here to help you express yourself!  Become a part of Wicky Tees t-shirt fashion!  Wicky Tees is located in Los Angeles, California.
Connect with Wicky Tees several ways:

Phone:  1 (626) 566-0921
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Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.


spock7005 said...

Wow, this place has a lot of neat stuff. I hadn't heard of them before, thanks for the head's-up. It looks to be a company where I can find a lot of pretty unique gifts, not the same old thing.

Mer said...

Ha! That does look like a great lounging shirt. And I love the light up shirts, I've never seen anything like that before.