Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Greeks of Beaubien Street Review

Wow, I have a firecracker of a book for you to check out called The Greeks of Beaudien Street written by Suzanne Jenkins.  This story moves so fast and has so many different twists and turns, you will feel like you have known them your whole life once the book is done!
Here is an excerpt from back of the book:
Nestled below the skyline of Detroit you'll find Greektown, a few short blocks of colorful bliss, warm people and Greek food. In spite of growing up immersed in the safety of her family and their rich culture, Jill Zannos doesn't fit in.  
A Detroit homicide detective, she manages to keep one foot planted firmly in the traditions started by her grandparents, while the other navigates the most devastated neighborhoods in the city she can't help but love. She is a no nonsense workaholic with no girlfriends, an odd boyfriend who refuses to grow up, and an uncanny intuition, inherited from her mystic grandmother that acts as her secret weapon to crime solving success.  
Her story winds around tales of her family and their secret laden history, while she investigates the most despicable murder of her career. The Greeks of Beaubien Street is a modern tale of a family grounded in old world, sometimes archaic, tradition as they seek acceptance in American society. They could be any nationality, but they are Greek.
I loved this book even though it irritated me a few times but then again, a book should get under your skin from time to time.  Jill may be a homicide detective but for someone who is that smart, she sure was about as dumb as a goat! I could tell just from between the lines what was the deal with her boyfriend named Alex.  I really couldn't believe that she wasted 20 years (although some of that was as kids) with him and still had nothing to show for it.

Her father and her uncle had a secret that would divide lines in the family and when it came out unexpectedly, it just about tore them all apart.

Now, I mean this in a good way, but thank goodness for her cousin, Andy, whose wife was running around on him, got murdered by the boyfriend I think because she would not leave her husband. So, the family got a little side tracked with that murder and a whole new set of problems.

They also had another murder they were investigating of a young woman who had a very strange childhood and was way over her head in the smarts department. How she got a job in a bank is beyond me!

There's a lot of funny stuff here and there and you will come to love Gus, her father, and Jill herself but I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop any minute, but it didn't because I have the feeling there is more to the story.

It takes a shock to get Jill moving again and out of her rut, even if she did not know she was in a rut.  I take that back, it actually was 2 shocks pretty close together that got her to finally thinking about things and how she was getting older and would want someone to be there for her.

But, it's the murder of Gretchen, the young woman I mentioned earlier that is the theme of this story and while we keep going off into directions about Jill's personal and family life, she is really focused on this murder and wants it resolved to the best of her ability.

It's really a good book that might hook you in if you aren't careful! I stayed up all night to get it finished, so that means it is totally awesome and worth every bit of your time!

Happy Reading!


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I loved this read! Delish! Am an avid fan of Suzanne Jenkins work!

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