Saturday, June 8, 2013

SUPPORi Baby Carrier Giveaway **Closed**

Giveaway brought to you by Babydashco
I love baby carriers. Front carriers, side carriers, back carriers, anything that can alleviate the need for a bulky stroller for a short outing. Summer is here and the weather gets into the 90's and above which means a heavy thick carrier equals a hot fussy baby.
Think about it. Some carriers are made of canvas and when it's 90 degrees out side the last thing your baby wants is to be pressed between your warm body & a thick carrier in the heat. Yuck! Not only will your baby over heat, so will you!
There is a HOT new carrier that is making it's way into the U.S from Japan. It's called SUPPORi and they sell like hot cakes! They actually sold 50,000 units during SUPPORi's introductory Year & now growing sales in Asia. Europe and North America.

The SUPPORi comes in a convenient carry pouch which makes it nice to store while keeping it clean.
What makes SUPPORi stand out from traditional carriers?
It's Safe & Secure SUPPORI is designed to mold around your baby's shape, thus tucking baby securely. Triple stitch technology allows your SUPPORi to achieve maximum stretch and strength.
Durability Thanks to its design and because it is manufactured using triple stitch technology, SUPPORi can be used with your next, or next baby if used as directed. SUPPORi also stretches as baby grows, which means you can use the same SUPPORi from the time your baby can sit up by themselves (4-6 months) into toddlerhood (24 months and a maximum weight of 28lbs). I love anything that can grow with baby. It makes me feel like I'm getting a great long lasting product that's worth the money.
Comfortable SUPPORi is designed to alleviate baby wearing injuries like stiff necks/shoulders and pain in your back. Baby is also comfortable as he/she is tucked into your side. There is nothing like carrying your child only to get a stiff shoulder or back. This has happened to me many of times leaving me carrying the child without the carrier.

While using the SUPPORi I did switch shoulders just to prevent shoulder pain. Even though I don't get shoulder pain while using the SUPPORi any kind of constant weight on one shoulder frequently can wear down your shoulder & cause pain as your child gets heavier.

Easy To Use Putting on your SUPPORi is easy. You and your baby can be ready in under a minute. No extra, complicated parts are required.

SUPPORi babydashco.com2

Light Weight SUPPORi's smallest size weighs less than an Iphone 4, and comfortably fits into the palm of your hand. As such, it will easily fit into a small handbag or dad's pocket. I keep mine tucked away in my purse and pull it out when needed.
No Heat Retention SUPPORi is permeable, and does not retain heat. As such, heat rashes during the hot summers will be avoided.
Trendy, Suitable To A Variety Of Tastes SUPPORi is available in a variety of colors and designs to suit caregivers of different tastes. From perky bright shades to conservative- they have a color that is bound to suit your mood. These are my favorite colors!
I love this carrier and highly recommend it for use with your toddler especially during the summer season.  You can purchase yours HERE for $49.99 or you can win one!
Open to U.S only. Starts June 8th and ends on the 22nd. Good Luck Everyone!
I don't know if a good many of you have children or babies, so I do bring some over every now and then so that if you do, you have the chance to win something useful for you and your baby or child. I hope by doing this that it makes it easier for you to not have to jump around so much to different bloggers except for the biggie giveaways that I haven't signed up for. Please let me know if you would prefer less or more baby products in the future.