Sunday, June 16, 2013

Snails Safe Nails Polish Review

I have an awesome new company to tell all of you about that is called Snails Safe Nails and they make nail polish that is safe for children to use!  I though the name was really cute and unique in what is a market filled with nail products that all look the same.

Here is what I got to review:

It is a nice little pink bag that has 2 polishes and one nail polish wipe. The colors I got were Love is (which is the bright neon red) and Bedtime Stories (very pale blue that reminds me of cotton candy and Cinderella's ballroom dress)!
But, the thing I love the most about this polish is the scent! They smell like Rose Water! If you have ever smelled a "true rose water scent" you will know what I am talking about. One thing I always hated about finger nail polish and that was that awful chemical smell. And now that is GONE!
Natural main three-ingredient nail polish formula:
  •  Water
  •  Acrylic Polymer
  •  Non Toxic Colourants

  • Easy to use instructions:
  •  Remove any existing polish then buff your children’s nails
  •  Apply a drop of jojoba oil to dry or parched nail beds then buff
  •  Wash then dry little hands and nails thoroughly to remove any residue
  •  Apply one to two coats of SNAILS Kids nail polish. Allow about three minutes to dry between coats.

  • Look at all of those colors to choose from! And here is why they are unique and what makes this such a hot item:

    SNAILS Kids is the world’s first 100% water-based nail polish. So when dress-up time is over don’t reach for a harsh solvent-based remover. It’s easily washable — simple soap and water will remove SNAILS polish from your gorgeous girls’ nails.

    Isn't that awesome! No more worrying about it staining the carpet or your bed linen or towels. I love the idea and so will you. Who would have ever thought it possible to remove nail polish with just soapy water?

    This was done using the nail polish and their nail markers! Isn't it adorable?

    And these are their Nail Markers:
    And then there is this that really should make all parent's breathe a sigh of relief:

    Europe is home to the strictest protective cosmetic laws in the world. As a 100 % European-made product, SNAILS Kids nail polish satisfies these stringent regulations. SNAILS Kids is manufactured in France and packaged in lead-free Italian glass bottles — all to rigorous environmental standards with a strict no animal testing policy.
    They have this really super duper top coat of polish that takes it to a really high standard to beat!
    Top coat that comes up trumps:

    Our innovative SNAILS top coat truly lets you ‘Breathe Easy’. For beautiful mums wanting longer lasting colour and top nail protection, our top coat is the ideal option. Nails are fortified against UV ray damage while enjoying respect given to their natural composition. All supported by:
    •  Bio-sourced ingredients
    •  Oxygen carrier technology
    •  Rose stem cells
    Natural by name, with evidence to back the claim:

    ‘Natural’ is a label that many cosmetics wear in today’s market. Yet such claims are not regulated or substantiated. Certainly some natural ingredients may enable cosmetics to lay claim to the label. But these are often interwoven with harsh chemicals like synthetic dyes. Still other popular products marketed as safe and natural have been recalled due to methyl alcohol presence.
    This harmful substance has been linked to blindness and can be fatal if swallowed. SNAILS Kids nail polish takes its natural and safe product promise seriously. We back this with a commitment to chemical and toxin- free ingredients — plus our revolutionary water soluble formula.
    I also love the fact that they give back! It teaches our children good lessons when they see their favorite product doing something to help others such as the Make A Wish International:
    Snails has some great gift idea's for you to give to either your daughter or another girl in the family or even for teen girls and young adults. Nothing nowhere says that older girls and women can't enjoy these products.
    Polka Gift:
    It’s all wrapped up inside a really pretty pink bucket with white polka dots. Keep your Snails polishes in it, use it as a pen holder, make sand castles with it - it’s up to you! Also inside is our special “How to use” guide, which makes a great bookmark. Like we said, whoever gets this is very spoiled!
    Or you can give the Ultimate Gift with this very extravagant gift that she will treasure for a very long time! This has a little bit of everything, polish, nail wipes, nail markers and nail stickers!
    Connect with Snails Safe Nails several ways:
    Mailing Address (Head Office)
    5 Waterloo Square
    Newcastle Upon Tyne  
    NE1 4DR UK


    Marla Stanley said...

    I would pick fairy tale and raspberry pie! Such cute colors! -Marla Stanley

    Tabitha said...

    mrs carrot head and twinkle dust

    Kristina said...

    These are absolutely adorable! Neatest products for kids ever!

    Catie said...

    I would pick Fairytale and Love Is...!

    Bakersdozen said...

    I would pick "Tooth Fairy" and "Twinkle Dust". vidomich(at)yahoo(dot)com

    Brooke said...

    Fairytale and Prince Frog are two colors I really like. But all the colors are super cute!

    awhartness said...

    I like the Fairytale and Lollipop.

    Megan Parsons said...

    black beauty and lollipop!
    makeighleekyleigh at yahoo dot com

    Kim Pinch said...

    I would choose disco girl and twinkle dust.

    Theresa N. said...

    I think Fairtales and Bedtime Stories, they all sound wonderful.
    Theresa N

    chris0855 said...

    I like Fairytale & Lollipop!

    rookieabh said...

    I like Raspberry pie and Lollipop!
    Ashley Sifers

    Stephanie said...

    My kids and I love to have spa days where we paint each others toes and fingers! If I won, I'd love to get the Secret Diary and Raspberry Pie!
    steph4575 at msn dot com

    L'Adrienn said...

    Cherry Quenn and Love is.. :)

    Adrienn Luzics


    Lana Bradstream said...

    I would pick Raspberry Comet and Cherry Queen.


    Kele Wassum said...

    Purple comet and Secret diary would be what I would pick

    Dorrie Turner said...

    Very cute colors! I would choose pixie dust and purple comet.

    Mippy Foofalina said...

    I think I'd pick Raspberrry pie and Love is :)
    bunnysmip (AT) gmail (DOT) com

    Crystal Rose said...

    I'd pick Secret diary & Fairytale.