Thursday, June 27, 2013

Quit It! Instant Pet Trainer Product Review

I was sent an awesome product awhile back and you know my story about the email hacking and it took me forever to find everyone so this review is long overdue and I am so thankful I am getting caught up with all of these awesome sponsors who have been so kind in all of that mess! The name of the product is called Quit It!
I wasn't sure what to expect with this product and Charlie is so darn skittish I was afraid to use for a little while after we first got it. Gosh, the darn dog has to go get allergy medications he is so sensitive to so much! So, you can imagine I wasn't sure if he would be the right one to do this experiment on. At least not until I could test it with some other pets and that is where my daughter comes in. She has 3 dogs and they are constantly getting into trouble so I figured she would be perfect for this one.
This is actually a pretty darn good idea! What happened when I was at her house was when you press down on the top, it lets out like a hiss. Sort of almost like the sound a snake would make when it hisses, is what I thought when I heard it. So, it's not a loud bang or something that should scare them so bad they pee!

That is what I thought Charlie would do and decided I better not. Gosh, he shakes when he hears thunder and the last thing I needed was a shaking, trembling dog. He is a little Yorkie so I am still not sure I would use this on that breed. They are very nervous dogs. But, if you know your dog and he isn't so sensitive, then give it a try.
My daughter's dogs are a mixture of this and that. They are also on the medium to big size so I figured they could handle it without needing to be held all night the way Charlie would have had to be held if this thing went sideways and backfired on me!
We waited until they did something she has been trying to correct, which was trying to climb on company's laps, like mine for instance. They are way too big to be lap dogs! So, when I sat down and they were let into the living room, sure enough here they came running! My daughter immediately presses the can and HISS! They come to a complete stop! They look around and at each other, shake their heads and proceed to jump on me! She presses it again HISS! 
I think they think I am doing something and they finally sort of back away and you can see they are confused, but thankfully not so much upset, just not quite sure what happened.  They wait a few more minutes and try again. HISS! HISS! HISS! is what they hear this time. I guess she decided to do it three times, once for each dog! That finally got their attention and they leave the living room.
QUIT IT!™, uses pets’ natural instincts to quickly correct unwanted habits like barking, scratching, chewing, and jumping. It emits a "hiss" sound that triggers an “alarm” in pets, and helps to redirect behaviors. Using only safe and natural pressurized air, QUIT IT!™ is an useful tool that eliminates the need to yell at your pet. With one spray sound, your pet’s attention is immediately redirected.
So, it does work and I left the can with her because she needs it more than I do. Yeah, I have a few things with Charlie, none are that bad other than barking at cars he hears on the road. He has a thing for cars but other than that, he really isn't a problem. We live on a dirt gravel road high in the mountains, so it's not like we have a lot of cars. We have 4 neighbors and only 2 of them go out to work. The other two are retired. So, you can imagine it's not worth it to me to scare Charlie for that little bit of traffic.

Yes, it would be nice to train him not to do that with cars, but I am more afraid of scaring him too much. Like I said, he is a really sensitive dog and even foods make him break out and off we go to the doctor. We have a few select products he can eat and we normally don't stray from that. I will try something new if it is in the same type of treat and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. So, Charlie doesn't do well with being a test subject and for now unless the car thing really gets out of hand, I am going to leave him alone.

But, boy, it sure did work for my daughter's dogs and if your pet isn't sensitive to noise like Charlie, then go for it, especially if something is really bothering the heck out of you. Don't be miserable because of your pet. If Charlie ever gets to the point where I can't handle the little bit of barking he does, then I will try Quit It!
Purchase QUIT IT!™ for $16.99 for 2 bottles that lasts up to 300 Sounds each.
Learn more at and connect on QUIT IT!™ Facebook page.
Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. 


freddie said...

Wow this product sounds great. My daughter has a couple of dogs that need discipline. I'm so glad it's not a loud noise. I don't want to scare them just get their attention. I will be telling her about this product so she can check it out.

Mer said...

Sounds like a great product. I like that it's just a hiss, as I can just imagine the chaos of trying to train my dog in the midst of company with loud noises.

ann said...

Hmmm.....sounds like it will work on bigger dogs but the smaller ones it might scare them. But it sure is worth a try anyways. Just like they say with cats spray them with a water bottle and they will stop .Both of them are harmless to the pets. thanks for the info

spock7005 said...

This is an interesting idea. My roommates and I used to foster dogs that had been abandoned in the desert outside Las Vegas, do obediance training with them, and then there taken to PetSmart for adoptions. Some were quite hard to train, especially the pit bulls. This might have made it easier!!

Robin Quick said...

This sounds very interesting. I would love to try this on our next pup. Before our pup Delilah passed away last month we were trying to train her & she was doing well but I think something like this would have been a big help.

Linda Meyers-Gabbard said...

Interesting. I have seen dog behaviouralest on TV do the same thing to correct a dogs behavior. The hiss. Im sure this is a great product and am glad to see it works. Your review is great.

But I can't see spending money on something you can do yourself. Plus we keep the cans out of our landfills.
Unlimited hisses $0.00 (free) vs
600 hisses for $16.99 and 2 cans going into the landfill.

Just saying.