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Prayers for the Dying & Family Dynamic's Book Reviews

I was going to write these separately but then decided because they are the final 2 books that end the Pam of Babylon series and because it would be hard to do the last book by itself and might not make sense to someone who did not read all 5 books, maybe this will help you decide if you would like to read them all.
I was fortunate enough to be able to do that and I am glad because it was a very compelling story and very much like a roller coaster ride and I had all kinds of emotions towards all the characters and at some points I would think, "this woman, Pam, has got to be out of her mind"! The things she put up with and did blew my mind.
Okay, for those who did not read the first three books, here are links to those reviews if you want to either refresh your memory or haven't read them and want to see how it all began. I have a mystery on my hands as I have searched my whole blog and can't find the review I wrote on the 2nd book called Don't You Forget About Me so I will put the Amazon link instead so you will understand the next books.
Now, here is an excerpt from Prayers For The Dying written by Suzanne Jenkins: 
The fourth book in the Pam of Babylon Series, Prayers for the Dying exposes more of what Kirkus Review said about Dream Lover, “A gritty, realistic portrait of the aftermath of deceit.” Jack Smith’s victims attempt to move forward while grappling with the pain and horror that he left behind. Pam makes a few startling revelations about herself, while Sandra hopes for a future with exciting expectations. Marie is in a most unlikely place, with the happiest news in the bleakest circumstances. Ashton’s story of a lifetime love affair with Jack is finally told, with his heartache revealed.  
Kirkus Review says about Suzanne Jenkins, “Jenkins writes with a fast-paced, scenic style, pushing the story forward and wasting little time on interior monologue or back story. Perhaps this is one of the best aspects of the novel—a page-turner, the story remains immediate, rarely breaking from forward motion. Jenkins develops characters not by describing them, but by placing them in conflict and context with new people, places and situations…The characters are sympathetic, round and believable; watching them grapple with difficult decisions creates an engaging, dynamic read. 
This book was a little on the sad side and it was also an awakening for Pam. I tried to figure out how much more she could take before she really reached her breaking point and started standing up for herself and stop letting people run all over her. In the first 3 books, she did things I would have never done. I would want pay back or something but she just let people treat her in ways that was not right. I am glad that finally in this 4th book, she finally gets her voice back.

In this last book, it seems like all the hard work that everyone did in book 4 went to H*** in a hand basket! I don't know what Ashton problem was other than being a spoiled brat for a man and then for Pam's children to treat her the way that they did was unforgivable in my mind. I really don't tolerate people well you disrespect me.
I pretty much cut them out of my life because I have a lot of other things to worry about that are more important and given her health situation, I was surprised that Pam let several people push her buttons. But out of all of them, Ashton and Steve (Marie's boyfriend) were the two that really shocked me in this book.

But, at the very end of the book, Suzanne Jenkins threw us a curve ball that has me wondering if there will be a follow up on one of Pam's children. What a doozy of an ending!
Here is an excerpt from the final 5th book or is it? Time will tell.
Heartbreak and devastation move toward triumph in the fifth and final installation of the Pam of Babylon stories. Pam is at last able to overcome the pain of Jack’s rejection, and her own role in perpetuating his deviance, when she meets Dan and falls in love. Her children move on with their lives in ways Pam would have never believed possible.  
Sandra fulfills her dreams with Tom, and a gift from Marie helps to complete their life together. Ashton and Ted build a beautiful life, and new discoveries make it richer than they thought possible, but with a twist. But don’t be deceived; what you see is not what you may get.
For those of you who read the first 3 books, you will definitely want to finish the series with these last 2. But, I was really surprised the way it ended because it leaves one character in a really bad light and possibly doing the same sort of things that started this series in the first place.

It also opened up (for me anyway) another whole slew of questions about what really happened in those years that Pam and Jack were married and had their 2 children. Is there a secret there somewhere?  Did Jack follow in his father's footstep's and do the unthinkable? Well, if Suzanne Jenkins does not write a follow up book on these questions, then I guess our imagination will have to be enough and we can make it end however we wish.

Only, I don't like unanswered questions. It drives me insane! But, I guess, what better way to get you hooked than to throw something in at the very end to drive you mad with speculation. Pretty good move, I would imagine in the eyes of the author. Well done!

Happy Reading!

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I love all the drama that enfolds in these books - keeps you intrigued and not able to put the book down.

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Thats for the catch up if we missed some of the books. Great review on the book. Sounds very interesting to me .