Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nature's Flavors Natural Colors Product Review


I recently received some awesome natural food colors from a company called Nature's Flavors and they were kind enough to send me this box of 5 different colors to try. 
Here is the colors I received:
**Orange Pumpkin
**Red Cherry
**Green Honeydew Melon
Nature’s Flavors Rainbow Pack of Natural Colors contain all water soluble liquids designed to color your product with all natural, and pure colors. This Rainbow Packs includes our all Natural Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Orange Liquid Colors. All Nature’s Flavours Colors are all natural, vegan, gluten free, and certified Kosher. All Nature’s Flavors colors contain no synthetic chemicals.”
Now, here's the thing, they are all natural and you do have to put them in the fridge once you open them because of that. So, just remember that if you decide to order. These are not like the food colors that you buy at the grocery store and stick in the cupboard with your other baking products. They will have to go in the fridge.

Nature’s Flavors provides you with many ideas on how you can use natural colors into everyday food which was great because I am not like super creative to these thing in the kitchen. I can list some things to use these food colors in such as dying eggs, adding color to your drinks, yogurt, waffles, pancakes, bread, frosting, etc. The possibilities are endless! The natural color truly displays vibrant and beautiful colors when applied to these foods.

**Please note: Nature’s Flavors makes no claims about the suitability of any of these colors for a given purpose. Some colors will impart some flavor on the finished product, and may render unsatisfactory results, others may not hold up well to High-Heat applications. This pack is intended to provide our customers with the most economical way to try many of our colors.

Here's a chart to show some of the colors that these colors can achieve:

I thought that coloring eggs would be the most awesome with all of these colors but since it's past Easter, I will have to wait but I did mix a few drops in some bowls just to show you the colors I achieved. Try these next Easter and see what all you can make!

Here's a look at the individual bottles so that you will know what you will get even though I gave you a list above, it still helps to see what they look like:
Gosh, they have so many other products to try, I don't know if there is enough time to do them all! I figured that there might be a few products here and there but the list is unbelievable! I went to click on a few of the top tabs and when the list pulls up under each one, it boggles the mind what they have in store for us as far as making healthy natural foods and baking products along with stuff like healthy natural mouthwash in some interesting flavors!

One of the main things I saw that would benefit us is coffee syrups! I went to click on it and the list looked pretty extensive and then I saw where there were more pages to download and look at so I thought I better do that some other time. But a few of the flavors stuck in my mind such as caramel, chocolate, peanut butter (now who would have thought that for coffee?) and I think I even glimpsed something about bananas!

Oh, they did send me a few samples of some teas because I guess they realized my blog name is about tea, so they sent me a few samples of their cold formula tea that is a nasal congestant and is made with Rooibos. They also sent me a sample of Hawthorn Berries tea which I did make and it was delicious!
And the last one they sent was called Milk Thistle. All of these are made by Select which makes premium tea and they are all Caffeine Free.  I know you guys know that I have consumed a lot of tea since I started blogging and I believe this is the first time I have drank a Hawthorn Berry or Milk Thistle Tea! 
Here is what I found out about Nature's Flavors:
Nature's Flavors has 25 years of experience with over 8,000 Natural and Organic products.  Nature's Flavors is a leader in nutritional wellness with a pure, honest approach to gathering the natural, nutritional gifts nature provides. Their products are all USDA Certified and come from only the purest sources-- and no toxins, chemicals, or synthetics are used in production.  
Nature's Flavors proudly crafts Vegan, Kosher, Gluten-Free, Alcohol-Free, and non-Allergenic products with the delicate touch of nature.  Travelling across continents to find and learn about the endless array of ingredients and combinations to bring to Nature's Flavors is how they continue to always craft and create flavors for your wellness and enjoyment.  
We take pride in our longstanding position as leaders in the Natural and Organic industry and we thank our customers for their continued service to Nature's Flavors.
Connect with Nature's Flavors several ways:

Mailing Address
833 N. Elm Street
Orange, CA  92867
Orders and Shipping: 714.744.3700
Product Questions:     714.744.3700
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Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. 


spock7005 said...

Vegan, Kosher, Gluten-free, no alcohol - this company takes their responsability very seriously. Good to know there are still companies that take pride in their work, and not just their accounts receivable!

Mer said...

The colors would be a lot of fun to experiment with! I hate the chemical-y taste you can get with food coloring.