Sunday, June 2, 2013

Fashion and Kids Guest Post

Fashion and Kids (Guest Post by Ken Myers)

Some children do not care what you put on them, you can dress them up like a doll and they are completely at their leisure. Other children want to choose their own clothes and others refuse to wear anything that might be considered fashionable. You would think that if you had a penchant for fashion it would filter over into your children’s lives as well. This is not so in my experience.

My first child was a girl and I was delighted. I could dress her up in the cutest little dresses, put huge bows in her hair, and they had the most adorable shoes to choose from. This went on for several years; you would think it would kind of wear into her like osmosis. It was okay up and into grade school but somewhere along the way she got picky about the way things felt. Waistlines could not be tight, only elastic, which was not too hard for girls her age. The materials could not be itchy and socks could not have a seam.

That is where the real problems started. They had not, to my knowledge, invented the seamless sock at this point. Or the comfort socks for that matter either. The trials and tribulations we went through every morning trying to get on our socks and shoes were harrowing! There was a certain assistant principal that used to lie in wait for us in the mornings, just us. It was a nightmare. Thankfully my daughter and I made it through those years but when she began to choose her own clothes it was disastrous. She did not care if she matched anything or what was in style. She is an intellectual, very smart, clothes are not important.

Not important?! I told her I would continue to let her pick out her own clothes because it was good for her but she must pass it by me to make sure it at least matched! She started school in nineteen ninety-one so the grunge look was still in when she got to junior high and high school. I do not think she stuck out too bad, if she did, she did not care. Where had I failed?

When my son was born seven years after my daughter I thought perhaps he would be the chosen one in regards to fashion. I struck out again. We had those few blessed years when he let me dress him up and I have the pictures to prove it. He then went along the same exact vein as his sister with elastic waist pants and comfortable socks. It was not so hard with my girl to find elastic waist pants but my son started school in nineteen ninety-eight when most boys were wearing jeans. We had to load up on the sweat pants and he sported the jock look for many years.

They had comfier socks by this time but we still went through a great deal. He actually hit a preppie phase in high school for a couple years and I got real excited. The clothes prices were killing me though and I was kind of glad when it was over. Fashion cannot really be taught. Some folks try to fit in by watching the trends but I would say that fashion pretty much comes from within an individual.

Luckily we live in a world where fashion is pretty open to personal taste except in special circles. I found myself in these past few years getting a lot more relaxed when it comes to fashion. I guess my kids rubbed off a little on me and I have noticed they do have more fashion sense than I originally believed.

The world keeps turning and we keep repeating the same styles over and over, I just hope the grunge look is left out of the next cycle. About the Author: Ken Myers is an expert advisor on in-home care & related family safety issues to many websites and groups.

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