Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chobani Flips Yogurt Sponsor Review

Chobani has some new products out called Flips that they wanted me to review, so I did and I see now where they get the name! At one end of the container there is a small handle that you use to flip it over and whatever flavor goes with what yogurt is poured into that corner and the opposite side is filled with added toppings. You just flip it over and stir it up and you actually have a pretty good dessert or meal.
The other side will have the cereal like toppings that go into the yogurt for you to mix up or leave on top, however you wish to eat it is totally up to you.
Here are the flavors I got to try:
1.  Key Lime Crumble
2.  Strawberry Sunrise
3.  Raspberry Choco Fix
4.  Honey Bee Nana
5.  Almond Coco Loco 
6.  Vanilla Golden Crunch
I think the only two I did not get to try were the Blueberry and the Peachy Pistachio. I was sent these Flip yogurts in by mail in a cooler with dry ice so they were still awesome! Of course, I am an avid yogurt eater and will try just about any of them once. My favorites were the Key Lime Crumbles and the Almond Coco Loco.
This was a Key Lime flavored yogurt with the White Chocolate Crumbles and Graham Crackers in the corner that you flip over the Key Lime and mix it up or eat it from the top to the bottom. It made it really taste like a real pie!
Now, if you like the Almond Joy Candy Bar, then you are going to love this one! The Almond Coco Loco is a mix of toasted almonds and dark chocolate chips in a creamy coconut yogurt. Like I said, it was one of my top 2 favorites!
Strawberry Sunrise is just that! Creamy Strawberry yogurt with a mix of honey oats to make it have the really crunchy taste. If you are a strawberry lover, then you will definitely love this one!
If you are a simple person and just love the plain taste of Vanilla yogurt then this one is going to rock your boat because it will be mixed up with natural cornflakes, honey oats, and praline pecans in with the creamy vanilla yogurt.
Now, out of all the flavors, this one surprised me the most. I knew what to sort of expect with the other flavors but I normally don't eat Raspberry. It's not that I don't like it, I just have other flavors I would rather spend my dollars on than this one. But, it pleasantly surprised me. Still not my absolute favorite but can eat it now if I had to.  They took plain yogurt and then mixed in the Raspberry Glaze mixed with dark chocolate morsels. Then they called it Raspberry Choco Fix.
Now, this is the one I did not really care for at all. I knew I would more than likely find one that really did not suit me and this one is it. It could be that I just am not crazy about bananas and honey in a yogurt. I gave these 2 to my best friend and neighbor and she ate them and loved them because she eats a lot of bananas. So, it's just as good, just not from my mouth, but from someone I trust to tell me the truth.
Did you know that Chobani is the Number 1 brand of Yogurt in America! I have to admit I love their regular cups of Greek Yogurt the best. They are so creamy and thick! That is the way I really prefer my yogurt, thick and creamy!
This flavor, Mango is my ultimate flavor. I can eat this every day for breakfast and never get tired of it. It is totally awesome. These are Greek Yogurt's with the fruit on the bottom and you have to stir it all up but once you do, gosh it so creamy and thick! Which I had one right about now!
I found this question and answer in the FAQ's and thought you might like to know how it's made and with obvious care:
What’s Greek about Chobani?
The word “Greek” describes how we make the yogurt in our products. We make our yogurt the authentic way, never adding any thickeners. 
Instead, we use a centuries-old technique of straining to remove excess liquid. This is why Chobani is so thick, creamy and has two times more protein per serving than regular yogurt.
Here is what I found out about Chobani: 
Chobani was founded on the belief that people have great taste. They just need great options. That’s why we started Chobani back in 2005 — to make high-quality, great tasting yogurt made with only natural ingredients available to the masses. Sure, a lot has changed since then. We’ve grown from five employees to almost 2,000 strong.  
We started out with one truck of milk a day and now use over four million pounds daily. And, our products are now available nationwide as well as in Australia, UK and Canada. But, there are some things that will never change like our unwavering commitment to producing the best-tasting, highest quality products and being nothing but good to our fans, employees, local communities and health professional friends.  
Without you, none of our successes would have been possible. We can’t thank you enough for your support!
Connect with Chobani several ways:

Phone:   1-877-847-6181
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The awesome folks at Chobani will be giving the winner of my Hot Summer Nights Giveaway Hop a case of 6 oz. sizes of the Flips Yogurt just like the ones I just reviewed. The Giveaway Hop will start on July 1st and ends on the 15th. Good Luck Everyone! Open in the U.S. only.
Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours. 


Marti Parks said...

I love yogurt, but I have never tried the Flips. Looks like I need to pick some up when I go shopping.

Ashley-Raye said...

I love Greek yogurt! These make such great snacks or even a quick breakfast. They even hit the spot when you are craving dessert, but are trying to avoid stuff like ice cream!

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