Monday, June 3, 2013

Catch a Falling Star Book Review

I think we can all relate to Kendall Haynes a little. I know I used to be so darned shy and finally we I became a waitress did I lose that shyness and become more confident working with people. This book is called Catch A Falling Star and was written by Beth K. Vogt.

Here is an excerpt from the back of the book:
What does a girl do when life doesn’t go according to her plan? At 36, Kendall Haynes has seen some of her dreams come true. She’s a family physician helping kids with severe allergies and asthma achieve more fulfilling lives—a childhood struggle she knows all too well. But the feeling of being “the kid never picked” looms large when romance continues to evade her and yet another one of her closest friends gets engaged.

Are Kendall’s dreams of having it all—a career, a husband, children—nothing more than childish wishing upon a star? Should she hold out for her elusive Plan A? Dust off Plan B? Or is it time to settle? God says he knows the plans he has for her—why can’t Kendall figure them out and be content with her life?

Griffin Walker prefers flying solo—both as an Air Force pilot and in his personal life. But a wrong choice and health problems pulled him out of the cockpit. His attempts to get out of “flying a desk” are complicated by his parents’ death—making Griffin the reluctant guardian of his sixteen-year-old brother, Ian. How did his life get so off course? Can God get his life back on track … or has there been a divine plan all along?

Catch a Falling Star reminds readers that romance isn’t just for twenty-somethings and that sometimes letting go of your “wish I may, wish I might” dreams is the only way to embrace everything God has waiting for you.
I know this story well. I was one of the ones who seemed to never find the right one or no one at all. I dated a lot but nobody really asked me to marry them except 2 guys I was not attracted to really. The ones I thought I wanted were having too much fun being single and dating lots of girls. It seemed the more I tried, the harder it got.

I did get married in my early thirties but it didn't last long. We were separated more than we actually lived together and after 2 failed attempts to get back together, he had the courage to walk away leaving me devastated. I thought my world was over. I resigned myself to the fact that I would always be alone and went ahead and made plans to build my own home.

Funny thing happened about 6 months after I moved in.  Some friends talked me into going out and I did go reluctantly. I was a sour puss most of the night and got very tipsy and wouldn't dance with anyone. Finally, some cowboy boots were in front of me, I wasn't looking up but down. He asked if I would like to dance and I said no. Then he asked if he could buy me a drink and I said yes. After awhile I did dance and we and my friends had breakfast later. I figured I would never see him again.

Got the shock of my life when he called and within 3 months I was engaged and another 6 months later we married and are still going strong after 13 years. You see, it was when I quit looking and gave up is when the best man for me showed up! So, God really does have a strange schedule and he doesn't work on our time frame, he works on his time frame.

I tell single people all the time, if you would stop trying so hard to make someone love you, it would come easier than you think. I think we try too hard when we need to just walk away and say I quit and will just be me and live my life to the fullest even if it means by myself. Then, and only then, did a miracle happen and I am not alone like I thought I thought I would be.

This is an awesome story that is about love coming late in life and when you least expect it. Kendall held onto something her sister wanted when she got married and Kendall refused because she wanted to wait and wear it for her marriage. But, in the end, she gives that ring to her sister and lets go of what she thought she wanted and when she did that, the man that was chosen for her by God, showed up and then things fell into place.

It's truly a wonderful book and I hope that you read it and remember what I said. Sometimes, it's better to let go then to hang on to something that isn't yours to begin with and when you do, the right one will come along. But if you keep holding onto the wrong one, the right one won't have the chance to be there, so don't be afraid. That is my best advice and it worked for me and for several other people I know.

Happy Reading!

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bluecottonmemory said...

It's so nice to hear romance isn't just for 20 something:) I watch my sons and notice when they give up - that's when someone amazing comes along:) I think your story sounds just as awesome as the published one. Congrats on 13 years!