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Allen's Canned Vegetables Review

You know, I never gave it any thought but turns out a lot of our best vegetables that I have been using for years is not made by different brands but all under the same name, Allen's! Wow, I never knew that until I got ready to review them and they sent me the above vegetables. I didn't put them all in the picture since they sent 2 cans of the whole kernel corn and two of the Veg-All's, I figured showing one was enough!
We love their Italian style cut Green Beans and have been eating them for a long time and I have even been using Veg-All vegetables for even longer. I love them in stews, soups and anything that I might need an extra can or two veggies to complete a meal or make something up at the last minute with whatever leftovers I have and what canned vegetables are in the cupboard.
I know we are going to sound pretty darn boring, but we really honestly love our Whole Kernel Corn just by itself with butter, salt and pepper added and nothing else. Sorry, I am not a Gourmet Cook and we just eat Southern Style here in Georgia, so what we probably like most people are going to consider boring.
Well, I take that back, we do love Corn Chowder and I do make that from time to time, although not often because it is best with fresh made cornbread and it's something we love but with my stomach issues, I can't eat much of it and Mike can't eat a whole serving of cornbread by himself, it makes about 12 really nice sized muffins. We found it stays more moist and better that way. But the problem is, we run out of Chowder before we do the muffins and about 2 or 3 is all I can eat (1 muffin per day and then I have to stop or every other day) then they get thrown away and I hate wasting food!
Now with my Veg-All I like to add it to Beef Vegetable Soup or Beef Stew. I do make those more in the Fall/Winter/Spring months than I do the summer but I also freeze whatever is left (because I make so much)! I used to cook for a good crowd and now it's just me and my husband and sometimes, I still get carried away so now we freeze leftovers.
We love a lot of onions in our soups so you will see that a lot! It's really very simple to make and I usually start with anything that has been leftover from the previous last 2 meals to get rid of it. Sometimes, there may be more beans than other veggies, but I try to add at least one can of Veg-All or an extra can of corn. This is a Vegetable Beef Soup that I made and we were lucky that I only had to freeze enough for maybe 3 or 4 servings.
Now, this is the hit at holiday meals because I make an awesome Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip with my Spinach. I can eat it plain but Mike won't so I normally don't make it plain. I will save my spinach for when I am going to make the dip and it is awesome if I say so myself. I was following a recipe one time and then started adding more ingredients and extra this and that and by the end of the preparation, I ended up with two long casserole dishes instead of one, but it was okay because that gave everybody some to take home.
The recipe did not call for this much cheese but we love it so I added quite a bit of fresh Parmesan, not the kind you buy in the jar at the store, I mean the really fresh big strips that you get in the deli section. I also add chestnuts to mine and actually more artichokes than the recipe called for because I knew everyone loved them and we like crunchy dips over smooth and creamy unless it is the white cheese dip at Mexican restaurants, otherwise, we like thick and chunky dips!
I also like to take Naan Stonefire bread and cut into shapes and toast to serve with the dip along with Tortilla Chips. We are about half and half on that one. Mike and I love the toasted bread while the kids eat the chips.
Okay, here is where we go back to being plain and simple. We love our Black Eyed Peas just simple and we again make cornbread and when it's still nice and hot we crumble it up in a small bowl and spoon the beans over it and cut up some fresh onions and eat it just like that. We actually will sometimes fix nothing but vegetables for dinner and cut up some onion and tomatoes and eat them all just like that.
Mike's mother was really very old fashioned and southern in her way of cooking and that is how Mike grew up, mostly vegetables with potatoes and onions & tomatoes and he still likes it that way today. I don't eat much meat because it kills my stomach and I have to eat only a bite or two, so I have grown quite fond of just vegetables myself. I do have to be careful about the corn though. Corn is one veggie that either my stomach will love or hate and I never know which one it is until it's too late! Otherwise, everything goes off without a hitch.
Here's several reason's why you will love Allen's:
1.  We're gluten free
2.  We're lower in sodium that other leading brands
3.  We're heart healthy
4.  We're Kosher
5.  We're GMO free
6.  We're U.S.A. proud!
7.  We're family owned
Now, you can't argue with them being made in the U.S.A. and being heart healthy!
Gosh, Allen's has a whole list of vegetables and the best thing I can tell you is either go on their website or the next time you are in the grocery store, look around and see what all your store carries and try some.  They really are superior and I don't use anyone else's green beans or Veg-All because they are firm and don't fall apart while cooking.
Here is a little bit of History on Allen's:

Our History: Quality Since 1926

Allens Canned Veggies HistoryAllens, Inc., a family-owned and operated vegetable processor, remains focused on the same core values that were set when the company was founded. Allens, Inc. began as Allen Canning Company in 1926 near Siloam Springs, Arkansas. Earl Allen started the company and helped it survive The Great Depression and severe droughts of the 1930s.

Earl's son Delbert took over leadership in the forties and helped to expand production while providing canned vegetables to our troops during World War II. The growth and expansion continued as more items were added to Allens' product line and state of the art facilities enhanced productivity.

During the seventies, growth allowed for the purchase of other companies and brands like Popeye Brand Spinach.

Our Mission
Allens, mission statement is to feed the world through great-tasting, affordable and high-quality vegetables. We are able to achieve this mission through the efforts of our dedicated, hard-working employees.
Connect with Allen's several ways:

Mailing Address:
Allens Inc.
305 E Main
Siloam Springs, AR 72761
Phone:   1-800-234-2553
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Mer said...

I love their black eyed peas, and didn't realize the manufacturer produced so many other types. Will definitely have to keep an eye out for the others next time I'm grocery shopping.

The spinach artichoke dip sounds amazing; could you please share the recipe for your version?