Sunday, June 9, 2013

Afloat Book Review

I have a really awesome book to tell you about called Afloat written by Erin Healy. You are really going to love this one!

Here is an excerpt from the back of the book:
Who will you trust when dark waters rise?  
Eagle's Talon is an architectural marvel-shining residential units afloat in a protected cove of the gorgeous Rondeau River. The project is nearly complete, partially occupied, and ready to make investors rich when a sinkhole gives way.  
Then torrential rains and a flood leave a ragged collection of builders, investors, and residents stranded in one floating building, cut off from the rest of the world.  
They're bitterly divided over what to do next.  
Architect Vance Nolan insists they should sit tight and wait for rescue. Developer Tony Dean wants to strike out into the darkness. And single mom Danielle Clement, desperate to protect her young son, Simeon, struggles to hold their motley band together.  
Power failure, a pall of unnatural daytime darkness, explosions in the distance, then a murder ratchet tensions to a boiling point. But Danielle's young son, Simeon, has spotted something strange underwater-beautiful, shifting lights in the dark water below.  
In this watery world where everyone's secrets will eventually come to light, salvation may mean more than just getting out alive.
Vance sure has had a lot of stuff happen to him. When he was younger, his brother, Pete and his Dad went into the mountains and had some trouble. Their Dad left to go get help but it was bitterly cold out and he died before reaching help. Even his brother Pete for some reason, slipped out of the truck and left Vance there with an amputated foot due to frostbite.

Because of that accident, Vance blamed himself for his father's death and so he turned to drinking. Well, we all know that really doesn't help anything. It's just a way to hide and in the time it takes you to come to your senses, you may have done some damage to your body.

A man named Zeke had adopted Vance and had treated him like his very own son and one day someone snuck up behind Zeke and hit him in the head with a piece of metal and because of that, he lost his sight. Zeke had to step up and promise to stop drinking and change his ways.

With God's help he did. He really never was a bad man, he just got lost in his drinking. Now that he is sober and doing better, he will be tested once more.  Vance realizes that God has a plan for everyone and if they would only listen to their heart and follow that path, things would work out.

Now, let's see if that brings his brother Pete back into the fold. And will it help him with the trouble that is coming? I guess you will have to read the book to find out!

Happy Reading!

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Erin Healy said...

Thanks for the kind words, Mary! I appreciate the time you took to read and comment on my book. Blessings.