Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Pilgrimage *Book 2* of Malmaxa Series Book Review

This is the 2nd book in a series called Malmaxa II and it's called The Pilgrimage. The first book was called Beltamar's War if you remember I reviewed it not long ago. This book will pick up where that one left off. 

Here is an excerpt from the back of the book:
Malmaxa II – The Pilgrimage, picks up precisely where "Beltamar’s War" concluded, continuing the story of the Seizen as they begin the journey to Malmaxa. A pilgrimage they are compelled to make by the Third of the Immutable Laws of the Gods – “Six times shall you be in a place of conception, beneath Malmaxa. 
” Rejoin Rethga, Liaju, Eden, Daniskira and the rest of Jalgar’s family as they prepare for the gathering of all Seizen, everywhere, in a single place – at the Convocation. 
Follow Faroene, Mithial and Tian as they struggle to catch Ripkira before time runs out. 
Watch the Warriors of the elite rear guard grow desperate, as unrelenting storms trap them and prevent them from beginning the Pilgrimage.  
Trace the threads begun in Beltamar’s War as they converge, and the Tapestry that is Malmaxa begins to form.  
In Malmaxa every action, good, bad, or indifferent has a cost – will the Convocation present a chance to settle all debts?
I have to tell you again, when I first got the beginning story and was reading it, I wasn't sure I was gonna like it but after a few chapters I was hooked.  This second book, called The Pilgrimage, is even more heart stopping and full of action because you are watching several sets of families and warriors as they near Malmaxa and what effects that has on all of them.

I would have assumed they were on drugs or something if it was set during today but it's not. Which begs me to wonder, which time are they in, what planet are they from and where did they go? The reason I say drugged is because they forget things that are really important to remember, like how many battles they have fought and the names of the dead warriors after awhile.

Then there is all this ritual stuff going on about getting their familie's marks on themselves, which is basically tattoo's.  I am not a tattoo person so I think they are ugly when people start covering their whole body. What exactly are you trying to hide? That's a question for another time but even in this time period of the story, it is just strange how they record things on parchment paper and cross reference things to make sure they aren't inter marrying, I guess.

I also found it quite odd that so soon after getting there that they would just give up on their warrior mate and go willingly into another's arms. It's almost like they are possessions or cattle. And then you can throw it all away just because they don't return and they have to find a new mate by a certain date before leaving Malmaxa?

I sorta didn't like the way it was held either. The man can put on some kind of colored necklace that says he is no longer matched with his mate and she has to wear a red one saying she is basically available. And then you have all these other people finding you a husband and you have no say?  I don't think I could have lived in that time because I am stubborn and don't let anyone tell me what to do. My father always called me stubborn because I was born in May and am a Taurus. He once said I was too independent for my own good.

Anyway, this 2nd book into how things are going at Malmaxa takes a decidedly different tone when one of the groth is able to walk right thru the place and all the Seizen thought that they could not enter and that they were safe within those walls, even as they could see snow falling all around them but not inside Malmaxa.

Which finally leads me to this last question. If the groth can't stand the cold and have to hibernate, how are they now all of a sudden out and about? One on the outside and one on the inside. Which makes me wonder if on the times that the Seizen are not there, is this where the goth live because inside of Malmaxa is always stays like Spring? Are the Seizen actually trespassing on the groth's home and that is why they are enemies and they try to kill them?

Which was my conclusion when no one can really remember what started this war with the groth, only that it has been going on all of their lives. Mmm, pretty strange, don't you think? I hope that you read the first one so that you can read this one also. It will have you trying to figure out the mystery the whole time you are reading.

Happy Reading Everyone!

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ann said...

Well this isnt in my line of reading material but like you said maybe once I get reading it I will get hooked too. You brought up alot of interesting things from the book that make me want to read it -thanks for the great review.