Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tea Gallerie Set of White Tea's Sponsor Spotlight Review

Tea Gallerie  has been such a blessing in my life this last 6 or 8 months.  Any time I have needed some tea to be in one of my giveaways, they have come thru for me and I really do appreciate that. I was sent these 2 tea's to put in the Summer Splash Giveaway Event because I believe a good cup of tea is good anytime of the year or you can make it iced for the summer. It is your choice on how you drink your favorite tea and flavor.

I make my tea in the awesome teacup/teapot that you see at the top of this post that was so kindly given to me by Tea Gallerie and I use it all the time to make my loose leaf teas. If you have never tried loose tea, then you are missing out on a very pleasant experience, especially with all of the different kinds of Tea that there is floating around out there in this big world.

So, if you love tea and are an adventurer, you will love these teas I am sure. This top picture is what the White Guava Ginger Tea looks like as a loose tea. Okay, this is what they say about the White Guava Ginger: White Peony blended with a ""superfruit"" guava flavor. This tea has a pleasant rich scent with an exotic and tropical taste.

I found this interesting piece of information that I did not know about White Tea's and now that I do now this, I may have to drink more of it and here is why:
White teas possess anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants work diligently to detoxified and rid our bodies of harmful substances. There has been research that shows a relationship between drinking white tea and lower cholesterol, heart protection, slowed bacterial growth, and lowered blood pressure.  
Studies have also shown anti-oxidants in white tea help to fight cancer. And finally, if you just want to improve your general appearance, white tea softens skin completion and contains anti-aging properties.
Now, that is some powerful information for me, anyway.  I have a lot of health problems as you all know, and it's interesting that maybe I can get a little help for my high cholesterol and help my skin get better!  And just so you know, Tea Gallerie has over 150 teas to choose from! Isn't that something! It will take me forever to go thru that many teas!

Now, this one must be a new tea because I couldn't find it anywhere on their website and I even typed in the Search Box and still did not get anything. This is also a White Tea called Orange Ginger Peach
According to the back of the pouch, it says freshly plucked white tea is gently blended with the freshest seasonal fruits that will make us a nice cooling and calming tea. Mmm, I don't know about cooling but I sure could use some calm right about now with all these health issues coming up once again to catch me off guard!
This tea has marigolds, safflowers, orange & peach pieces mixed with Bai Mu Dan white tea. Now, I have no idea what kind of tea that is so I am sorry I don't have a clue. I can tell you that it tasted wonderful and because of the orange & peach pieces you will see a lighter tea that is sorta golden orange so don't be alarmed when it is not like a black or green tea.
Oh, look what I found! Some new tea cup infusers! Aren't the colors just awesome? Wow, seems like things never do stand still, does it? They are also a different shape if you look at it, you will see what I mean.
Lastly, I found out how White Tea is made:
White tea often comes from younger tea leaves and more delicate buds, and is usually shielded from sunlight. The organic white tea we use is harvested in China, only a few weeks out of the year. White tea undergoes the least amount of processing and minimal oxidation. Leaf buds are processed into white tea immediately after picking by drying and withering the tea leafs.
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Tea Gallerie has been kind enough to offer the winner of my Summer Splash the same 2 White Tea's that I just reviewed. The Giveaway Event starts on May 14th and ends on the 27th. Open in U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

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