Wednesday, May 29, 2013

School of Wash Sugar Scrub Review

I have a really awesome sugar scrub to tell you about today called School of Wash and the scent I was sent to review is the Rose Vanilla. I am telling you, it is one intoxicating smell! I love Roses and have several bushes in my yard and my husband always gets me Roses for all celebrated moments or sometimes just for the heck of it or if I am sick and he wants to cheer me up!
Then when you add Vanilla to the mixture, it tones down the rose smell somewhat and what you have is something all together a very sexy and highly awesome, clean smell!  If you love the smell of roses then this is really going to rock your world! And possibly your husband's!
I have always been a sugar scrub nut and at one time even loved salt scrubs but with the RA and the way that my hands swell along with my skin being so sensitive, I have had to give up salt scrubs because they burn when I use them now, especially if I have a cut, and the RA doctor wants to minimize any risk of infections while on these immune suppressant medications. So, I am really grateful that there is still sugar scrubs and that they seem to be even more popular than ever.
Well, I just had a little bit of knowledge that I did not know about until just now. School of Wash evidently makes their Sugar Scrubs several ways! I try not to read up on a product so that when I do the actual testing myself, I am not looking for or being persuaded by something I read. I only go to the site and the product when I am ready to do the review, so that is why I never knew this.
You can actually get their Sugar Scrubs in either Regular, Thick or Thin depending on what kind of skin you have. Since I did not know that when I requested mine, I guess they must have sent the Regular. I looked all over the container but did not see anything that told me what I had, but there is none. If I do have the regular, it is perfect for me because there is just the right amount of oils in there to mix with the sugar.
I have really dry skin and my legs especially flake a lot. They used to not do that when I was younger but I think since my thyroid is not stable and I take so many medications for all the different health issues that my skin has gotten drier over the last few years. I think having RA hasn't helped either.
But, with SOW's awesome Rose Vanilla Sugar Scrub, my skin is feeling much more smoother and silky than it has in a long time. I can't explain the really wonderful smell that it has left on my skin! It's a very unique smell and all I can say is Kudo's to School of Wash for making one of the best sugar scrubs I have tried in awhile! I love this scent and will remember to get more when this one runs out.
Here is SOW's description of their Sugar Scrubs:
Renew dry, rough skin with School of Wash Handmade Sugar Scrub. Whether you need relief from a long, hard winter, or struggle with dry skin all year long, our sugar body scrub will sooth and moisturize your skin.  
Cane sugar exfoliates dead skin cells while sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, and vitamin E oil condition and restore your skin’s natural balance. Our handmade sugar body scrub is intensely moisturizing, so you can skip the lotion and enjoy silky smooth skin.
Their Sugar Scrubs are Paraben-free and no added colors. It really does just look like sugar & oil. You can get their scrubs in two sizes: 4 fluid ounces (120 mL) and 8 fluid ounces (240 mL). Also, as a safety precaution, please be careful if you have the kind of shower that is a tub that you have to step up and over because the oils from sugar scrubs do make the showers or tubs slippery. I have a walk in shower with a bench seat and that is usually where I apply the sugar scrub so I am sitting when I do it then rinse off.

Directions: Apply a small amount to the desired area and lightly rub in a circular motion. Rinse. You should not exfoliate more than twice per week with this product. Not for use on the face. There are special exfoliation scrubs for your face, so please don't use body scrubs as they are a little more coarse than those that are made for the face.

Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Sweet Almond Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Fragrance Oil, Germall Plus (non-paraben based preservative).

As for the scents, my gosh, you will just have to go over there and check them out for yourself. There were so many, I lost count after awhile. But, there was one that caught my eye because Bath & Body Works used to carry a lotion and body wash in this scent and they don't anymore, but it was one of my all time favorites and that was Brown Sugar & Fig. I am surprised I did not see that when I chose my scent, but, I still don't regret my Rose & Vanilla because I really wanted to try something new and thankfully it is a scent I am crazy about!

School of Wash has so many other products for you to choose from and they carry products for kids, you, men and even your pet! A while back I had won Charlie, my Yorkie a spray to refresh him in between baths and it works beautifully! I chose the Lavender Vanilla for him and it works like a charm!

Here is a little information on Charlie's product:

Now your furry little friends can smell just as good as you! Lulu’s Pet Spritz keeps your pet smelling fresh, long after bathing! Use immediately following your pet’s bath or between baths. It leaves your pet’s coat soft, manageable and smelling great for days!

This product is safe for both dogs and cats. And it's just perfect for Charlie. It is not an overwhelming scent, just a clean and fresh smell that hides that doggy odor they get sometimes. And as with the human scents, the list is enormous or I would tell you about them. You have got to go and see for yourself. It's unbelievable at the choices!

Pet Spritz Ingredients: Water, Nonionic Surfactant, Polydiaalkylsiloxanes, Sodium Exylene Sulfonate, Ditric Acid, Fragrance Oil and/or Essential Oil.

Lastly, I found one product that I would love to try and when I get low on some of my perfumes, I would love to try this one out. It's called Handmade Solid Perfume:

They have this in over 245 Scents! Is that not crazy? They even have the Rose & Vanilla as one of the scents along with the Brown Sugar & Fig! OMG, I could go crazy on this one. They have several that really has my curiosity peaked such as Underwater Fantasy, Blue Candy, Magic Potion, Tea Rose, Pixie Dust and Moon Shimmer. I have never heard of any of those scents and there were plenty more but those are the few I saw that I thought would be awesome to try!
They also come in scents that have Essential Oils in them whereas the ones I just mentioned above don't. They have 26 scents that have the EO's in them and you will see them listed. I won't go into what is the difference but there is and it has to do with the properties that are in EO's that make them different than the regular solid perfumes. Maybe next time if I get to review one of the ones with EO's in them, we will discuss it at that time.
Here is what I found in the About Us that I thought was important to know: 
Our products really are “KID TESTED AND KID APPROVED”! 
Our FRESH Promise:  We believe fresh ingredients are not only important on your dinner table, but also in your bathroom.  We only use the highest quality ingredients and make all our products at the time of ordering.   
Our Products are – Paraben-free, Talc-free, SLS-free, Sulfate-free, Sodium Chloride-free, FRESHLY made when ordered and contain No Dyes. 
We deliver quality, FRESH products to your door.  Because YOU deserve the Best! 
“The products from School of Wash were wonderful. But, knowing they are handmade AFTER you order them is amazing. They are not sitting on a shelf for who knows how long before being purchased. They are FRESH and made just for you. Your scent, your product, your creation!  
They are also Paraben-free, Talc-free, SLS-free, Sulfate-free, Sodium Chloride-free, and contain no dyes so they are safe even for the most delicate skin. I would definitely recommend their products to anyone and can’t wait to add more to my own collection!”
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Mary Bearden personally reviewed these products. I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review, just a sample product. All opinions are mine and belong to me solely. My thoughts and opinions may differ from yours.