Saturday, May 4, 2013

Roots Only Hair Application System Review & Giveaway **Closed**

I was sent Roots Only Hair Application System to review the next time I did my hair.
It hasn't been that long since I had my hair colored so my roots are not very visible but I can show you what I got and again, if you still need help, Roots Only has lots more video's on YouTube besides this one to watch and learn.
I do admit I for some reason thought I was getting a whole color system and was going to be using their colors but it worked out okay because I still had a box of the hair left from the last time I did my hair so I used it with Roots Only Applicator which is actually very easy to use and handle and you shouldn't run into any major problems using it.
Here are the directions that you will need to prepare for:
1. Add desired amount of solution to the Roots Only squeezable bottle.
2. Attach delivery applicator tool to bottle.
3. Although “Roots Only” is virtually mess free, it’s a good idea to place a towel over your shoulders.
4. Run a comb through your hair to remove any tangles.
5. Using “Roots Only” as you would a comb, comb through your hair while squeezing the bottle. Be sure to keep the teeth of the comb in contact with your scalp.
6. If you hit a tangle, simply stop squeezing the bottle and use the applicator head as a comb to remove the tangle.
7. The solution stops flowing when you stop squeezing. Once the tangle is gone, reposition the “Roots Only” hair applicator tool and resume.
8. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for processing time.

You can barely see just a sliver of gray at the top of my hair and that is why I also brought the video over so you could see someone actually doing it.  Normally, my hair grows out pretty fast and I have waited a good while to do this review to give my hair time to grow out some, but when I saw it wasn't going to happen, as least not enough that you can tell the difference, I thought I better go ahead and do the review instead of being late and missing the deadline.
When using the Applicator here is what it looks like when you are using it to run thru your hair:
And yes, this is someone else's hair as I grabbed this off of their site. My hair is reddish but not that red nor that thick! Hence, my problem. I have Hypothyroidism and it has made my hair very thin and it takes forever for my hair to grow.  I barely even have any eyebrows to boot!
Now, I will tell you something else I discovered that has helped my hair somewhat and I don't know if anyone else has done this or not but because my hair is very dry and has some frizz, I think you can see that in the above picture, I wanted to see if I took some of my lighter based (not thick mask like cream) and put it in the Applicator and while showering, I took it after shampooing of course, and was ready to apply my Conditioner, I used the applicator to squeeze out the conditioner and run thru my hair.
I let it sit there while I finished my shower and the very last thing I did before getting out of the shower was rinse my hair off. I then used what I normally used to get my hair ready for a blow dry and the only thing I did a little different this time was use some Argan Oil on my hair:
See how much more thicker my hair is? But with this picture you can also see a small patch of gray hair at the very tip so the next day I went ahead and used just a tad of the hair color because I didn't want to waste a whole box just for roots and plus it's such a small patch. The other thing I did differently, is I let my hair dry without any blow drying and just my Argan Oil on my hair so it would not look frizzy like the very top picture. So, here's my hair after using the Roots Only Applicator to cover the top gray:
My hair looks longer in this picture because I tipped my head backwards so Mike could get a good picture of the patch of gray that is gone. I think I am going to start letting it dry on it's own and keep using the Argan Oil because my hair looks healthier here, don't you think? I think now that you see how curly my hair can get, you understand how much work I have to do to get it straight and then it looks thin and weak.
Leaving my hair curly makes it look thicker and more healthier because less blow drying and less time on the hair straightener. The only thing good about it being straight is that it feels so silky soft while the curly hair is just full and you can't run your fingers through my hair with all those curls. I think I can live without that. I may just go back to letting the hair salon blow my hair straight when I get haircuts because whatever they do, it is not frizzy like when I do it myself!
So, I found two ways to use my Roots Only Applicator. One for a deeper, more penetrating conditioning of the hair and then also for getting the roots to hide the gray. If you have healthier hair than me, the conditioning thing may not matter to you but if you have really dry frizzy hair from so much blow drying and hair straightener or curling irons, I would try it to see it works for you.  Just make sure that your conditioner isn't so thick it can't get out of the bottle.
Here is some info on how it all got started:
Bonnie Steen isn’t the usual Retired Mother, Grandmother and Wife. But she is a great example of and individual with a unique item, solid business plan and the drive to succeed. Bonnie’s product is Roots Only, a hair application system allowing women and men to get solutions down to their scalp and roots. 
In 1973, Bonnie began working as a clerk in the Veteran’s Office at Antelope Valley College (AVC) in California. She worked her way up and went on to become Assistant Director of Financial Aid at AVC and retired with 27 years of employment. But that wasn’t the end of her career; it was only the start of another endeavor.

Bonnie had been coloring her hair for many years with the help of her twin sisters, Peggy and Nancy. But the three moved apart from each other, and this meant Bonnie had to find another way to color her own hair.

One day while visiting her hairstylist, Bonnie was informed she was damaging her hair to the point of it falling out. The hairstylist told Bonnie she needed to focus on the new growth at the “roots only.” She offered to assist her with her root coloring, but Bonnie knew that meant paying almost $70 a month.

“Whenever it came time to do my roots, I thought, there has to be a simpler way,” says Bonnie. So, Bonnie decided to try to make the process easier. She asked her husband, Claude to help. “I asked him to build a hair pick with hollow teeth that would screw onto a hair color bottle so I could comb it through my hair.”  
After a little coaxing, the first prototype was born.
Connect with Roots Only several ways:

Mailing Address:
10700 Jersey Blvd., Suite 760
Rancho Cucamonga, CA, 91730
Phone:  (909) 477-2623

The awesome folks at Roots Only is going to give 2 winner's their own Roots Only Applicator so you can take care of your own roots! Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone! I am excited that I will get to choose 2 winners!
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