Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Postcards from Misty Harbor Inn Series Book Review

I have a really awesome set of books to tell you about that are in the Misty Harbor series, and the first one is called Seaside Harmony written by Evangeline Kelley.

Here is an excerpt from the back of the book:
Three sisters, a charming inn, hints of mystery and romance, and a gorgeous seaside setting. Summer reading at its finest!

When Caroline Marris joins her sisters, Gracie Gold and Sam Carter for a Nantucket Island getaway, she has no idea how it will change her life. The sisters stumble upon Misty Harbor Inn, the place their late mother loved so much, and Caroline talks her sisters into buying the beautiful but dilapidated inn.  
But can free-spirited Caroline stay focused enough to make opening the inn a reality? Hand-drawn old postcards draw the sisters into the mystery of Hannah Montague, the young widow of the original owner.  
Can the sisters uncover the fate of this woman who disappeared in 1880? As Caroline and her sisters work together to make their mom's dream a reality, they bond in ways they never expected.
This is a heartwarming story about 3 sisters who loved their Mother and went on a vacation to Nantucket and came across the Misty Harbor Inn that they knew their Mother had loved very much.  Of course, it was Caroline who saw the beauty in the place and it took some time to convince her other 2 sisters into helping her restore the inn to it's former glory.

The only thing I don't understand about this story is how a woman could be best friends with a man, who's name is George and he's always there for Caroline and she does love him but as a dear close friend. George however, wants to marry her and of course Caroline, being dumb, says no. What I don't get is this: Why would you be best friends with a good man for 30 years and never address the matter?

I think on his part, George knew what the answer would be. I however, don't see why a woman would want to be alone for 30 years except for her other sisters. It's great to have that kind of family, but in the end when she says Good-Bye to George, she is torn and crying.

Well, shouldn't that tell you something?  I just sometimes, don't get people and all their dragging their feet all the time. Oh, well, maybe we will have a happy ending in the next book!

Happy Reading!

This is the second book in the series of the Misty Harbor Inn and the 3 sisters who take it over and bring it back it's former glory and decide to turn it into an Inn, something that their deceased Mother wanted more than anything.  This book is called Sunflower Summer.

Here is an excerpt from the back of the book:
Misty Harbor Inn officially opens, and Gracie Gold, the middle Marris sister, wrestles with an overwhelming decision. As the sisters learn the day-to-day workings of running an inn, Gracie counsels its first guests, newlyweds whose honeymoon seems to be ending before it begins.  
Meanwhile, Sam's discovery of a clue in a secret room sheds unflattering light on Hannah Montague, who vanished from the house more than one hundred years ago.  
And as Gracie and Caroline welcome guests to the inn, they are delighted to see how God uses it --- and them --- to deepen relationships and transform lives.
Okay, in this second book, the Misty Harbor Inn is open for business and they began accepting guests. In this book, their neice Jamie comes to live with them and each has something special to contribute to the Inn.

They find out from an old legend that a girl named Hannah had lived there and then one day just disappeared. Talk was that she was a thief and stole money. The sister's decide that they want to try and figure out what happened to her and hopefully clear her name.

Along the way Gracie feels the tug of the Inn and makes a huge decision that will change her life. She is pretty good at helping people and her heart keeps telling her that she is needed here at the Inn. But what about her home and her son and his family? She didn't want to abandon them but in her heart she knew her son would understand.

It seems like this is a very strong and capable family and I sure do hope that somewhere along the line that Caroline will think about George and maybe change her mind. Gracie sure does hope so also. So, we will see. Things just might get better around Misty Harbor Inn!

Happy Reading!