Sunday, May 19, 2013

Inside the Shadow Book Review

We have another Rick Morgan Mystery Book to read and see if we can solve it before the ending! This one is called Inside the Shadow written by G. William Parker.  This is the third book in a series of mysteries that Rick Morgan is trying to solve.
Here is an excerpt from the back of the book:
The deaths of Harriett Miller and her Russian cohorts close Rick Morgan's latest investigation. Needing solitude and comfort Rick heads for the only place he finds it, in a pair of seductive green eyes in San Francisco. But then a strange turn of event creates a question, pulling him back to Seattle for the answer.  
Playing a hunch with the help of Vince, a retired Seattle PD homicide detective, Rick begins to revisit the past. Digging into the old puzzles he finds some new pieces and when fitted together uncovers a startling surprise. Someone is rewriting history ... but why? A photo will bring Rick face to face with the answer.  
With that solution every detail and clue, every murder and interview will suddenly make sense. And with that implication comes two revelations. First, it wasn't always "not everything's what it appears to be" but also "not everyone." And second, reality is often harsh and costly, especially when the price is someone close to you.
 Oh, I knew this was coming! I had my suspicions from the first book actually but really got a buzz on the second book. But still, I hated it for Rick to end the way it did. Are you writing a fourth book, Mr. Parker? Maybe he can go on to a new mystery?

This trio of books about Rick Morgan, a bigwig of an Insurance company gets a bone stuck in his caw somehow and won't rest until he knows the whole truth and nothing but the truth in why his company paid out $20 million in a life insurance policy. This story takes him all up and down the west coast in search of answers but for some reason, it just leads to more mysteries.

The only thing I did not get was why the girls gave him the evidence to track down what really happened and then they don't follow thru and leave Rick wondering what the heck happened! 

It was almost like they got their kicks from making him squirm and wonder where everyone was at or trying to stall so he misses enough work that he loses his job? That was on possibility but in the end, they showed no hate or animosity towards Rick so I am baffled at the whole plan. Why could he not have had what he wanted most and it was taken away without so much of a blink in the eye?

Well, one possibility occurred to me and that was, it's too bad Emily was a little young for him because the way they were able to read each other (more Emily reading Rick than he reading her).  She was there when no one else was or I am beginning to think he is a little freaky himself. I wonder if he sabotages all of his relationships unknowingly?

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy but at least he got the $20 million solved. Poor ole Rick sure did take a blow to the stomach but I have the feeling it won't last long! After all, he is a player and how he kept up with all those women was beyond my belief but in the end that cost him what he sought all along and he just didn't realize it yet.

Happy Reading Everyone!
The author is giving away 3 books to 3 lucky winners. You will also get the first 2 books that came before this one. You will need to read the first 2 to understand Inside The Shadow. This is a very awesome set and you will love the storyline! Open in the U.S. only. Good Luck Everyone!

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S C said...

The concept is interesting and the synopsis is intriguing. You want to read to find out the background story and what really happened. The truth is often in the past. Good review but it sounds like he finds himself with the short end of the stick often. Hopefully, he will find happiness soon.

Sherry Compton

S C said...

I really like Mary Higgins Clark
Sherry Compton

Jane Ritz said...

I like reading a variety of genres. The last book I read was "In the Shadows of Chimney Rock." Ilove series. Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway.